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Skirting the issue

…that was terrible. Sorry.

A quick and dirty outfit post today. This is what I wore in my last King’s Ginger post, but I took some photos separately of my (new favourite) outfit for showing off purposes. So here it is!

This superlative super high-waisted skirt is from Nicole Katherine’s Etsy shop. 
I love the pockets! And the fabric!
Swedish Hasbeens from Office as before (scuse the stockings, it was COLD)…
All the red accessories! 
I think I like the waistband slightly folded down vs the top pic… what do you think, readerinos? 

Aaaand… that’s it!

Have a good Thursday everyone.

Fleur xx



I like the waistband on the first pic 🙂 Nice skirt, by the way!! Nicole Katherine did a very good job!

Helen Mae

I like the waistband both ways – seems you can get two slightly different looks out of the same skirt, which is always nice – but I think having it folded slightly down looks slightly easier to wear, if that makes sense. It looks great with all your red accessories.


I love this outfit! The top & skirt are such a fab combo and the fabric of the skirt with the cute pockets is just divine 🙂


Love your outfit! The skirt is beautiful, and I've been lusting after Hasbeens for awhile! I like the waistband both ways. Seems like that high a waistband might want to work it's way down a bit on it's own as you wear it. I'm about to start sewing up a skirt with a similar high, curved waistband (although, not that high)and have been debating putting some lightweight boning in the front the keep it up.


love your outfit – can see why it's a fave
great accessories to make it shine;
i like the waistband up better. does it bother you up or do you feel it doesnt have enough stay? is it interlined?


Well, I'm in the minority it seems, but I like the waistband better folded down a bit! I think the proportions are more flattering that way. The curve is pretty when it's up, though, too. Cute!


I do like it, the colour combination is lovely. I like the waist shape, you can turn it up or down depending on what you wear it with and which way looks the best with it.


Love your outfit. Very cute skirt, I like the waistband both ways. And I wish I could find a blouse like that, it's very pretty. But looking at these pictures makes me cold! You look like you're freezing in the close-ups. The things you do for fashion. 🙂

I really enjoy your blog. I don't have any of the accounts that are listed, but I thought I'd try leaving a comment anyway.



Great outfit! I love the colours. Personally I prefer the waistband folded up, it looks like it has a nice curved shape?


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