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Catchups and shop snaps


Imagine it’s a Sunday, the weather’s not great and you’re pretty exhausted from a couple of weeks of hard graft doing various things, with ne’ery a moment to write blogs. So, you’re sitting indoors, processing dozens of photos and writing loads of posts to be scheduled in over the next couple of weeks. Welcome to my day!

Sorry it’s been such a long gap between posts. Especially if you are someone who invited me somewhere and has been waiting! Gosh, I’ve been busy.

Anyway, in the first of my series of catch-up blogs, here is a brief post about a lovely shop in Brick Lane, which I have written about before. Bethan and I got invited back to Sweden Calling, which is the shop selling Swedish Hasbeens, for a little brunch to celebrate the other brand popping up in there – Jumper Fabriken. These guys sell cute and chic, vintage inspired dresses and other bits. Here are what my eyes saw and liked.

It’s impossible not to go into Sweden Calling and not immediately start pining after the lovely patterns and glorious clog action therein. If you’re in the area I highly recommend a visit and a browse. I should really have worn clogs for the occasion but the weather was rubbish, so I didn’t.
Gypsy top: Vivien of Holloway
Skirt: Bettie Page via Pinup Parade
Shoes: Remix

That’s all for now but I have so much more to show you… don’t go anywhere. Well ok, you can go but not too far, you hear!

Fleur xx


Jessica Cangiano

That has got to be one of my all-time favourite lookbooks – so clever, fun and perfect for the inner child in most all of of us.

Charming, classic outfit – those shoes are so marvelous!
♥ Jessica


I hope I get a chance to pop in here while in London this fall. I have been wanting a pair of Swedish Hasbeens for so long but am afraid to buy online. Jealous of your Vivien of Holloway top. They sold out of my size in black super fast!


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