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Gadding about in gardens

Here’s a fairly straightforward outfit post for your eyes! I took my mum to east London for a fun afternoon of viewing flats and eating food (ie the real fun bit). We had some time to kill before the flat viewings so we ambled around Geffrye Museum in Shoreditch. It’s a fab place which has room set-ups from middle-class homes from 400 years ago to the present day – all fascinating stuff.

The gardens are also beautiful, and that’s where I got my mum to take a few pictures so you can see my standard vintage casual outfit du jour. It was a bit chilly for a cotton frock and still is most days, so jeans are featuring heavily in my outfit choices at the moment.

Peasant top: Vivien of Holloway
Shoes: Rocket Originals

When Vivien of Holloway told me they had resized their peasant tops to make them more generous, I immediately bought two – red and black. They used to be teeny, and their size L was a bit on the small side for me but they are such a great staple for everyday wear. I do have a bit of a gypsy style fetish as well! The jeans are much older but wearing well, and I have a black pair now though they haven’t featured on here yet. I like to tightroll them instead of doing a big, vintage-style turnup, a slight style clash, but that’s what I’m all about these days. The Rocket Originals are old faithfuls. I love that I’m entirely dressed in British repro!

I am getting loads of wear out of my new glasses, as you can see. I’m not sure if I bragged about it already, but I actually got these free from Specsavers. Nothing to do with blogging, simply because I buy my contact lenses from them on Direct Debit! I nearly fell over when I took them to the counter to pay (just on a whim, I fancied a change from cat-eyes) and they told me they were free! I had no idea but weirdly have now heard ads on Spotify telling me about the deal. Still. If you get your contacts from Specsavers then go and get your free specs (or heavily discounted if you get expensive ones) post haste!

Not sure why I chose not to wear lipstick today. I don’t wear it every day. Do you?
Just for good measure, here’s one I took of my lovely mum, the most caring, patient, generous, amazing lady in the world. Long-suffering as well… when it comes to taking photos of me and many other things. Love you, mum! 
I recommend the Geffrye Museum highly for all your cultural or indeed time-killing in East London needs!

Fleur xx




I wear make up every day, but not always lipstick. For me it's almost become too same-y to put on red lipstick with vintage/repro EVERY time so I like to mix it up a bit now and then!


Your lovely mum is so pretty! It's easy to see where you get your gorgeous looks! Love your new specs, too. 🙂

Rochelle New

Your mother is beautiful and I love your new glasses! Very 40's. I don't wear lipstick everyday, but I feel like my lips look too pale and sickly when I don't wear it.


Great outfit, I really enjoy seeing "casual vintage" looks, since frankly it isn't practical for me to sashay in pencil skirts or swing dresses all the time! I love seeing how stylish gals "dress down". And no, I do not wear lipstick every day! I don't even reapply half the time. I like the Burts Bees lip balms that are tinted though.
Your mom is beautiful, I am glad to hear you both had a fun day!

Angela McGerr

Hello, Fleur's mum here! I wanted to thank those of you who commented here on her pic of me for your kind and lovely remarks. This Blog, and pic, was taken on a day when we were together in London, when she treated me to a great MusselMan dinner for my birthday. If you like my style (including my hair – all natural!), well thanks again, as my daughter sets a very high standard for me to try to live up to but I do my best….and Fleur actually resembles my mother (her granny of course), who was Miss Salisbury 1943. I am privileged to help my daughter sometimes with her work (was doing so yesterday in fact), and as I informed her, (and she agreed)she is a true "force of Nature". She can be unpredictable, changeable and dramatic but she's also gifted and intelligent, vital, beautiful and endlessly glamorous…her dad and I are immensely proud of her. You may think these Blogs are simple; not so! Fleur works so hard at her free lance jobs – so more power to your elbow, dearest daughter, and ever onwards and upwards…you deserve all your successes and much more besides.


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