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Pink, peach and a perfume bottle

For my King’s Ginger post a couple of days ago, I took some photos in the lovely little wildflower garden at the Natural History Museum and it seemed a shame not to record my outfit as well. This is an entirely modern outfit, perfect for casual days walking about on an assignment, although I am wearing some vintage accessories!

Today I am wearing…
Skirt: Topshop 
Peasant top: Primark
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens high-heeled clogs c/o Spartoo Shoes

These are new Swedish Hasbeens Heart Sandals that I couldn’t be more delighted to have as I have worn my tan ones to death – they are now distinctly tatty, although I’ll still wear them for knocking about in! The skirt is a couple of years old – I love the deco/atomic swirls! And as for the top – I wear these alllll the time, you’re probably bored of seeing them! 

My hair flowers are two separate vintage millinery pieces, given to me for my birthday by my dear friend Bethan. One is peach and one is pink – I’m wearing both to tie the peach swirls on my skirt with the pink shoes! My lipstick is Revlon Cherries in the Snow. 

If I look a little peaky in these photos is because my upper back is entirely covered with clingfilm from the tattoo I had done only a couple of hours before. It was a coverup of a little black tribal I had done when I was 18. 

Tattoo by the amazing Tracy D at King’s Cross Tattoo Parlour.
Follow her and see her amazing work and even more amazing French Bulldog Mulberry
on Instagram: http://instagram.com/tracydtattoos

You can just about, sort of see the tribal in the middle of the swirl but she’s done a brilliant job of disguising it. What do you think?

Fleur xx



If you hadn't mentioned that was a cover-up I probably never would have noticed. She obviously does very lovely work. Gorgeous!

I also have to mention that ever since your Hasbeens post in April, I've been zipping all around the net staring at pictures of those shoes. A green pair is calling my name. 🙂


What a beautiful tattoo. I can't imagine you ever being a "tribal tattoo" kind of girl – this suits you much better. Lovely outfit too.


I think it's an absolute gorgeous cover-up! I had a cover-up several years ago. I didn't hate the piece I had underneath exactly (didn't love it either) but it was in a bad spot (right on my upper arm where I wanted something bigger), and I couldn't be more thrilled with it's replacement. So I'm sure you're over the moon!

Jessica Cangiano

Wonderful outfit! Peach on navy is such a beautiful, unexpected colour combination – the worlds needs far more of it, if you ask me.

Incredible ink (and cover up job) – thank you for sharing your new tattoo with us.

♥ Jessica


I didn't know what a tribal was, so i looked it up – but i still cannot see it all in your new tattoo! I've stared at it multiple times, but can't find it. She really did do a great job.

Roman Noir

Wow you look amazing! Love it! i love the whole look, the top, the skirt, the hair flowers, your makeup and your shoes of course! just biutiful!


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