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Whisky adventures: the Ardbog Ardblog

Not so long ago I went on another whisky adventure. This time it was to celebrate Ardbeg’s Ardbog Day. Sadly, I wasn’t invited up to the distillery in Islay but I did get to go along to the London celebrations where I sampled some amazing Ardbeg cocktails and got to dig around in a real* peat bog.

*OK, it wasn’t actually real.

Ardbeg is a great brand and isn’t afraid to not take itself too seriously. Its fans, however, are some of the most serious whisky geeks around – you kind of have to be to be that into Ardbeg. It’s a super peaty, smoky whisky, to me it tastes like an actual mouthful of peat when drunk neat. But put in cocktails, it’s a delight – the flavours are so interesting and unlike anything else, really (other peaty whiskies excepted).

They always have such fun things at their events too. Exhibit one: the Arbeg Chopper.

Side note: I was booted off by a burly security guard moments after this was taken.
The Chopper’s for looking at, not for sitting on. Whoops! 

I went along with my friend Beatrix von Bourbon so it was only right to have a girl-on-girl wrestle in the peat bog. Actually, we just participated in the game, which was to locate as many coins buried in the bog as possible. Both being fairly dressed up, she in Vivienne Westwood and me, coincidentally in Vivien of Holloway, we were given protective Arbeg boiler suits.

And armed with shovels…

…Before being let loose!

The ref looked fetching with her horns…

I am proud to say that I was victorious in our wrestle… er, battle. Here’s the evidence, which was taken on the far more picturesque side (in case you thought the location was a building site!)

Thanks Ardbeg, or more specifically my always amazing friend Marcin Miller for inviting me and, more importantly, for taking numerous silly photos of me scrabbling around in a pretend peat bog. I salute you, sir!

Fantabulous new cropped gypsy top from Vivien of Holloway
Boiler suit Ardbeg’s own!

I might pioneer this part glamour, part workwear look for A/W 13, what do you think?

Do visit Ardbeg.com to find out lots more about this fabulous whisky.

Fleur xx



We got given a bottle of Ardbeg as a wedding gift. I really ought to buy some more! Currently only have Penderyn (the Welsh whisky) at home, but that's jolly nice stuff. Have you tried it?


I can assure you, a real peat bog and you wouldn't be seen for the water in the bottom of the trench. Being all too familiar with them when shunted out to lift the damn things as children. My cousin fell in once, boy, was that a sight when she was hauled out. She looked like the swamp beast!


Hi there! I've just found your blog and it's lovely! ^_^ I just wanted to say that your glasses are seriously FANTASTIC! I would love to know where you got them and who they were made by if that's possible. Currently I'm stuck with a rather bland pair that are veeeery rectangular. Thank you! <3 😀


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