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Brooklands and Belle Blossoms

I used to do loads of swing dancing – lessons every week and social dancing at weekends but, when I took up running, it fell by the wayside. Well, now running has taken a backseat to dancing again and I have been going to Swing at the Light every Monday to learn lindy and balboa with Paul and Natasha, those gods (and goddess) of the swing dance scene. I go with Bethan and we love it SO much.

We sometimes get to go to things and dance. A couple of weekends ago, that thing was Brooklands Museum for their 1950s weekend. We went on the Saturday. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible, hardly anyone came and we didn’t do any dancing at all. What we did do, was wander around and look at things, which was brilliant fun and fascinating, especially the London Transport Museum. You should all go if you can.

I didn’t capture any decent photos of the museum but I did do an outfit shot. I was very kindly sent a couple of beautiful floral hair clips by the fabulous Belle Blossoms and this is the first time her lovely pieces will feature in an outfit post. It certainly won’t be the last – I absolutely love them!

Dress: limited edition Fleur by Heyday

I salute you all! Well obviously I am shading my eyes as we took the photos in the one moment of the day that the sun came out and decided to shine intensely for a few minutes.

See – squinting is the new look for S/S ’13.

A quick reposition and you can see what the sky was looking like, despite the seemingly glorious sunshine…

‘It’s snowing down south!’ Just flashin’ my slip, whoops!

These hairflowers are just the MOST, though. I’m wearing the Belle Blossoms Lilac Side Comb set – there are two combs covered with gorgeous, tiny lilac blossoms which I’ve positioned at slightly different angles to get a nice effect.

I am utterly amazed at how well they stay in though – after expressing my doubt at my fine hair’s ability to retain combs, I was assured these ‘Grip Tuth’ ones would do the trick. They absolutely do – they don’t budge a millimetre.

Lilac Side Comb Set from Belle Blossoms 
Eyeliner smudge from The Horrible Weather

I love them so much, I think they are actually my favourite hairflowers that I own – it’s just a shame they don’t go with everything in my wardrobe!

Any favourite hairflower sellers that I can check out? I think I’m addicted.

Fleur xx



I am in love with Belle Blossoms! I have very short hair (that I am growing out) so I cannot wear hair flowers that are too big at the moment so I ordered Gene's Delphenium in three colors from her and they are perfect! I love the wide variety she has on offer.

The comb set you are wearing goes perfectly with that gorgeous dress!


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