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Chasing chevrons

I’m getting to that point where my wardrobe is so stuffed with dresses that I am forgetting what I have in it. A couple of weeks ago, the lovely ladies at Gudrun Sjoden, knowing my penchant for all things Swedish at the moment, gave me this cute a-line skirt as a Midsommar present (as you can perhaps see from the flower crown). It’s made from a light jersey fabric and will be perfect for casual wear in the autumn 🙂

But its chevron design reminded me that I have a vintage dress I probably haven’t worn in two years that I completely forgot I even had. It’s a lovely 1940s number with bodice pleats and chevrons in the skirt. I’m digging this bad gyal out right away! The moral of this story is to not have a tiny wardrobe stuffed to bursting with things – you forget you have awesome dresses hiding away in there!

Photo taken by Hannah Asprey at one of our last Vintage Mafia Sale and Socials at the Love Shake in Shoreditch. Fab place, fab friends. Good times!

Fleur xx


Living Vintage

I am trying to do some cleaning out in my house and I seriously forgot I had 4 bins of vintage clothes I meant to post on ebay. Who knows as I ipen these and go through them I may find items that I now am in love with that I wasn't as interested when I put them in the bins oh I'd say about 9 or 10 years ago (oh boy am I old).

S. Clyde

I guess the moral is to have a big wardrobe filled with vintage dresses instead 😉 Can't wait to have more space in my bedroom to fit a bigger closet. Ours is really tiny…

~ Sesame



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