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Can(n)on of Work

A couple of months ago, I went to a very scary casting. It was for a BBC advert, for a very, very small part. I stood in a room with a group of ‘proper’ actresses and we all had to mime firing a cannon. In front of each other. Terrifying! However… I GOT THE PART! We filmed on a sunny day on top of a hill. The view looked like this.
My tiny horse co-star looked like this! 
And here is the finished advert. Blink and you’ll miss me! I am wearing a brilliant blouse from Time Machine Vintage on Etsy. I’m sure you’ll see a better close-up of it on here soon…  

Fleur xx



Good for you – but… I hate those adverts, the puppet to me is bordering on racist (it's certainly relies on a stereotype). This one like the others would put me off listening to the radio!



I knew it!
I saw the add the other day and I was like: "Hey! Was that?!?!" and it was! You!
Sounds like a scary, but in-the-end fun experience!


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