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Field of Chap Dreams

I just did a double-take at the calendar because it’s now been over a month since the glorious Chap Olympiad and over 10 days since my last confession. I mean blog post. The whole of the last week was a complete write-off due to me undertaking a solid week of film extra work. I’ve been a background actor on a new Marvel film set in space – I had to sign a very strong NDA so I daren’t say any more but interested geeks should be able to find out what it is pretty easily, as well as seeing some photos of my fellow extras runnin around in central London a couple of weeks ago. It’s been fun but 4.30am starts and 15 hour days don’t make for much blog-writing enthusiasm, I can tell you.

I have lots and lots of other posts to write (scary amounts n fact, it’s all backing up), so in the meantime let me show you pictures from the Olympiad.

Photos I took of the action look identical to all the other years, so I won’t repeat myself with too many of those. Instead I will show you my outfit since really, that’s what most people want to see on this ‘ere blog, right?

Here is a photo by me. I can’t remember who took it for me!

Look at that awesome dress. Isn’t it awesome? It’s the La Bonita by Miss Bamboo and not only is it indeed awesome, it’s also pretty darn bargainous at only £59.99 of your English pounds. And it wasn’t only me that wore one!

The Vintage Mafia were planning to wear the Heyday PinaFleur as seen in my last post but, due to it’s marginal shortness, we had to find a last-minute alternative. La Bonita was perfect and the lovely Miss Bamboo rushed them to us after we bought them a few days before the event. Sterling customer service Miss B!

Bethan is, as you may or may not know, the events manager for the Chap. So she was on duty all day, organising the crap out of everything perfectly. We had some duties as a threesome though, namely scoring the Well Dressage round. Here we are in more photos by Hanson. 

Some of us were more generous than others
Bribery with lollipops is how Edward Marlowe received ‘all the points’ for his round
Jeni was used as a prop – as captured by The Vintage News
Jeni and I also took part as Diners in a round of Breadbasketball, which I took very seriously. 
Photo by Stephanie Wolff
Photo by Sin Bozkurt
…and we were interviewd by Vintage News, where our in-jokes made poor Sadie crack up a bit.
I also took part in a cockney walkabout in tribute to the late Chap writer Nathaniel Slipper.
I shall leave you for now with this final stunning photo of Jeni and I sharing a moment at the Breadbasketball table. This is probably the most accurate representation of my face on a typical day. Lovely.
Back with a report on What Katie Did’s new loungewear, my King’s Ginger August adventure, a book review and probably more that I have forgotten.
Have a good day, readers! 

Fleur xx

Ps. if you like Swedish Hasbeens and discounts and you haven’t visited the Vintage Mafia blog in a while, now is a good time to subscribe. We have some mega discounts lined up. Keep an eye on the VM Twitter, too!



Those NdDAs really can be be quite silly, as you say, anyone not under one and in the area can pass on what they like, which in the age of Social Media can be quite a lot…


What a splendid day! I have not yet made a trip to England, but in the future, I am planning it around the Chap Olympiad!


…it's all just a silly fad!! she was shopping in Cyberdog 10 years ago!!LMFAO (gun vaginal tattoo's anyone?) (oooh vicar!!)


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