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Introducing… the PinaFleur!

Exciting news! Long-term readers will know that I have my own dress – it’s a recreation of my favourite wrap dresses of the 1940s and 1950s and is part of a collaboration with Heyday Clothing. It’s cleverly titled the Fleur Dress.

But there’s a new addition to the range, which has been in the works for a while and I am so pleased to be able to announce now… the PinaFleur!

The pattern was taken from a 1940s pinafore dress in my own collection and slightly tweaked to make a better fit. The bust ruffles on my original went all the way to the waist which is a style that doesn’t work so well for very petite or very busty ladies. So, it’s been adapted to finish at just below the bust. The PinaFleur has been made up in a cute turquoise-y green gingham with a gingham ric rac trim around the shoulder ruffles and the pockets. It fastens up the back with eleven buttons and has a self-tie to cinch the waist in as much, or as little as you like!

Why am I not modelling it, you might well ask? Well, unfortunately, as can sometimes be the way with these things, the first run of these dresses have come out a little short. It means that on me, at 5’10, they hit an inch or so above the knee and I just cannot pull off that length (things need to be mid-thigh or below knee!). They hit Heyday designer Shona, who is 5’3, just on the knee. SO, it’s a lucky deal for those of you who are petite pinafore fans because you can buy one for a steal! This first run of shorter dresses is only Β£60 – there is a longer one on its way that will hit at just below knee on me, so upper/mid-calf on shorter ladies but it will be more expensive.

So, calling all ladies of petite stature… be the proud owner of the first ever Heyday PinaFleur dress now at a bargain price!

And taller ones, stand by for more info soon.

Here’s a bonus picture of me in my original – taken in September last year, just after I faceplanted the pavement when running. Pinafore ruffles are very good for disguising grazed shoulders.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day!

Fleur xx


Imperatriz Sissi

Very pretty. I wonder how I could wear it on a day-to-day look. Love to see the total look but itΒ΄s not really my thing, I like to mix and match πŸ˜‰


How cool is that to have a second dress named after you! Immediately fell in love with the checkered print, the ricrac and the large pockets! Now I know you've posted about pinafores and their ruffles some time ago but it is still in the back of my head. The question is: till what age can you weare ruffles (on pinafore that is)? The thing is that I don't feel inside the age I really am on the outside, that confuses me a bit. So Fleur, can you give me advice before I buy this gordious dress? My exact age I will keep a bit secret but I can tell you it is over 40…snif…Thank you ever so much for giving the world so much beauty and inspiration! πŸ˜‰ xxx GonnieMarie

Jessica Cangiano

Seriously smitten! I so adore classic pinafore dresses like this, but have had lousy luck in finding them in my size and price range over the years. It's awesome that Heyday has released one for those the world over to enjoy. Fingers crossed one finds itself residing in my closet someday.

β™₯ Jessica


I saw this hanging up recently at Heyday "HQ" and was intrigued … Definitely considering getting myself one, as a short-n-stumpy lady it will be just right!

Harlow Darling

My heart stopped when I saw this dress! I quickly went to the link in order to snap it up only to see it is out of stock in my size πŸ™ I really hope it comes back in stock soon, this dress is going to haunt my dreams!


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