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Good deeds and good dresses

Vintage girls! A call to arms!

My lovely sponsor and friend Miss Bamboo needs your help.

She has reached the finals of the Vintage Manchester Awards and now could do with a final push. Can I ask all my dear readers to take mere seconds out of your day and please vote for Miss Bamboo in said Vintage MCR Awards? You don’t need to vote in all the categories so it is really quick.

Just look at all the lovely things she does:

Tiki box bag as modelled by Bernie Dexter… Miss Bamboo’s own line! 
Miss Shanghai sarong and bolero… made by Miss Bamboo and modelled by her too! 
Me in the Miss Bamboo La Bonita

There there’s the awesome repro lines she carries… she is the main stockist of Trashy Diva in the UK…

Trashy Diva Anchor dress (adore this one)
Then my favourite, of course… the Del Rio
And let’s not forget the shoes. Lots including Miss L Fire and now, Miss Bamboo carries Lucky Lou’s carved shoes! Which I did not know until I started writing this! Amazing news. I ordered this exact pair from America a month ago! 😉 
I’ll stop gushing now but please do vote for Miss Bamboo to win Vintage Manchester in the repro category. She is such a doll and deserves it 🙂

Fleur xx



Her work is beautiful, and I'd pay good money for that yellow dress, but I'm going to have to lend my vote to someone who makes clothes for plus-sized women 🙁


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