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New Fleur!

No, I haven’t reinvented myself… but my little collaboration with Heyday has produced a brand new design! We actually have quite a few new frocks coming out very, very soon. This is merely the first!

The Cabbage Roses Fleur dress is a bit of an upgrade on the simple cotton housedresses that we have done so far. This one is more of a glamorous party animal!

The top is made from a teal cotton mix that really resists creasing, and the skirt is a gorgeous mid-century textured rayon, covered with big sketchy roses in pastel and deep pink, with pale aqua leaves that match the top perfectly.

Check out my amazing Van Roe Stratton compact – this Art Deco design doesn’t seem to be available at the moment but they have some lovely ones in.

We shot these a while back and while this sample dress doesn’t have the trademark rounded Fleur dress pockets, the main run of frocks do. Here’s one of our other colourways as an example…

There are only a few of these super limited edition Cabbage Roses Fleurs – less than 10! Go go go!

Thanks for reading and thanks again to lovely Shona for working with me on such lovely frocks… new Fleurs are always very, very exciting for me! I will post some more fun things soon.

Fleur xx



I love the design of these wraparound dresses and plan to order one sooner or later. My preference is for an all-over print, so I'll wait for one that suits me better. The latest design a cute dress however, and it certainly lends one a put-together look with the coordinating skirt and blouse effect.

Jessica Cangiano

That colour palette in the first frock is just as fun, punchy and cheerful as can be! I adore aqua and coral together. Can't wait to see what else in the works from you and Heyday.

♥ Jessica


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