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The Time of My Life

Last month, I carried a watermelon. Well, I didn’t really – I picked one up at one point. Those things are far too heavy to lug all the way from north Surrey to East London! But plenty of people did actually carry watermelons: real ones, papier-maché, bags, hats and entire costumes. It was Future Cinema‘s Dirty Dancing and, as always, it was immersive cinema on an astonishing scale.

After getting inside, we were in huge part of Hackney Downs park, cordoned off and turned into a recreation of Kellerman’s Resort. The Staff Quarters, Johnny’s cabin, the grand ballroom, bandstands, pitches for sports and, of course, a large area in front of a giant screen.

Photo by my pal/Jeni’s fella Hanson Leatherby

There was so much to see and do. I went with the beauties Jeni and Bethan and we messed about in beach huts, ate tasty food and drank Kellerman’s cocktails while the sun slowly went down. It was lovely.

Jeans: American Apparel

We all went as Penny in one of the earlier scenes, where she’s wearing a cute gypsy top and some high waisted trousers. We couldn’t quite face the 80s does 60s hair though!

In this photo you can marvel at the difference in colour between my arm and my midriff 😉

As with all Future Cinema adventures, there were roaming actors playing all the parts throughout the evening. After we settled in to watch, there were a few more surprises. There was Baby’s sister singing Hula Hana and the terrible ‘stand-up comedian’.

During the movie, key scenes were also played out in real life….

The arrival
The scene at Johnny’s chalet
And of course… the lift! This is a second lift, I didn’t manage to capture the first! 
Thank you as ever to Future Cinema for having me, it was truly delightful. Nobody puts The Vintage Mafia in a corner! 

Fleur xx



Terrific event BUT I've just seen you on TV BBC Four's Fabric of Britain! Modelling that wonderful seagull knitted swimsuit. How glamorous and brave you were. Brave because it looked a bit cold in those waves ( where was it filmed?) and brave to test the "wearability" of all that wool weighed down by water. But you looked so suave and devil may care. Good for you!


That sounds insanely fun!

As for "the lift," my cousin got married last month and that was their first dance. He's a wrestler (olympic style, not TV style) so easily got her up in the air.


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