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Ahoy there!


It’s 2014, how did that happen? And just over a month since my last post, which is the longest gap ever! But a much-needed break. Since I last posted, I have moved across London from the deepest south west – suburban Surrey where I have resided for the last decade – into (not quite) trendy east London. I now live in Clapton, which is sort of up-and-coming and sort of still a bit grimy. I have only been here three weeks (and that included Christmas and New Year, most of which I was away for) and I love it already! It’s not on the tube, but the inner London railways are much more frequent than my old service, so that is perfect for me. I’ve moved in with my lovely boyfriend, who is used to bustling North London and the tubes running every three minutes, so he isn’t so sure. Still, we have a little home which we are busy decorating and making nice!

But even despite getting rid of loads, we still have too much stuff for the space and it’s a mishmash of vintage furniture, Ikea, modern technology, repro things and lots of framed band posters/nerdy prints/all the books ever. Expect some photos when it’s done, though it will most definitely not be a Pinterest-worthy vintage design haven. Not least because Sean told me he’d seen nicer sofas than my (admittedly tatty) Art Deco ones in squats he’d visited over the years!! Thanks Sean. He’s probably right though and thus they will be hidden under throws and probably replaced at some point. I’m accommodating like that!

Anyway, I have lots of things to write about, all very overdue and I have JUST got internet at home so I am going to start with a catch-up post. I had a mostly camera-less Christmas, which was much needed. Doesn’t help that I can’t find my charger since the move… Most of these are either camera phone or the little Pentax Q7 I got recently.

First up – a trip to Mussel Men, a favourite pop-up of mine who have moved into a semi-permanent residence on Kingsland Road. I love these guys. Sean and I went along just before the Big Move. I’ve written about their previous pop-up before, and the new venue is great with cocktails, really well-cooked sea food and handpainted walls covered in weird and wonderful marine scenes.

You can also challenge an opponent to a thumb war… NB it doesn’t work as a one-player game πŸ˜‰

They’re doing a Burns Night extravaganza with streetfood style haggis and neeps, a new fish chowder brand (YUM), a Ceilidh rock band and lots of whisky cocktails in a couple of weeks… I think I might have to go. Check The Burns Night Hootenanny here!

What’s next? Well, I modelled a new cherry red Fifth Avenue Coat for the amazing Heyday as one of my very last ever trip to my boyfriend’s old flat… we had to pack, then move house, THEN the following day I went Up North to spend a few days with said boyfriend’s family.

The live on the outskirts of the Moors and are really into walking. This wouldn’t usually be a problem for me but for the fact that I had no idea where any of my practical clothing was in the packing disaster and wellies are fine for muddy short walks but not rambles around actual moors. Luckily, I was saved from trenchfoot by the very lovely Chatham Marine who I’ve posted about before and who read my mind and offered to send me some waterproof walking boots! Hooray!

You’ll note my… ‘unusual’ walking outfit consisting of a dress, some running tights (for extra warmth), a highly impractical faux fur coat but some incredibly awesome and warm boots which didn’t rub a single jot despite having never been worn and then subjected to a 5 mile walk over hill and dale. Totally waterproof too. Excellent and highly recommended!

Also, in the North, I found these clouds/dogs.

What else? Well, there was Christmas (not my best one and no dressing up was done):

Boxing Day with the extended family (inc. smallest member):

And lots of glittery festive hair flowers and nails for Christmas and New Year:

I’ll stop now, but will see you all again soon!

How were your Christmases and New Yearses?

Fleur xx


Rachel Reeves

I just love those nails! So fancy-I wonder if the local nail shop might be able to do that….I need something festive for Valentines day! Welcome back!

Amy {I Am Adorkable}

Happy new year to you! :0)
Our Christmas & New Year was very good thank you for asking :0)
We were able to spend lots of time with family & friends & we also had some time to chillout at home before the Mr went to Italy on business for a week & a bit!
I'm glad to read your Big Move went well. I hope you had a good time up north for Christmas & I hope you both eventually settle well in to your new home :0) I did like your walking outfit too! Hehe! xo

Jessica Cangiano

What a jam packed, wonderfully exciting last little while you've been living. Many happy congrats on the move – it's always so lovely to hear about when someone relocates and loves their new neighbourhood.

β™₯ Jessica

Catherine Beck

Congratulations on the move! I feel like no one loves South West anymore! Last time I moved I managed to completely lose my camera for a good 4 months so at least your only missing the charger. Wishing lot's of happiness in your new home together. xxx

Maja Ćorić

Hello there!
You have been gone (and missed) quite some time. I hope your move went well and you've settled in just fine.
My (both of them) Christmases and a New Year went well – loads of presents were given and received; and some cards came in my mail..

Can't wait to see what you have for us.


Ladanu Ladan

God those boots take me back! I used to live in a pair like that, I bought them in Topshop in the late 80s. I may have to get a pair for old times' sake they are very reasonably priced! Must go north and walk this year, it's very damp though so you did well to keep your barnet looking so nice!


Those Dogs!!!
Merry Christmas Fleur!
Also I have a new blog and the other no longer exists. If you would be kind enough to remove the old and perhaps link the new? Looking forward to hopefully having a drink when I come to London at the end of February!

beate grigutsch

super cool boots!
love your walking outfit – i always wear a skirt/dress when iΒ΄m out in the woods. IF i wear trousers then the tour will be rough – trousers are a warning sign for (clueless) comrads πŸ˜‰
(if you like – lots of wander pictures on the blog)

Caramel Latte Kiss

Lovely to see you back! Exciting news on the move; I've just moved in with my boyfriend too, and am also attempting to create a cohesive decor out of Ikea, all the books in the world, vintage teacups and comics!
Also, please give me your red coat. I need it.

Elizabeth Jack

I recently found your blog and I am so glad I did! I love those doggies so cute! I think they are bichon frises?? I have two bichons and they look just like my babies did when they were little!

Cassandra Dotzel

Oh MY! You are amazing. I adore your eyeglasses and your retro style… so perfect! Moving is always such an ordeal, but its such a relief once settled into a fresh place! I must say that restaurant looks amazing, I love the hand drawn look on the walls! So incredible! Maybe you'd like to check me out? Let me know, I'd love to keep in touch!




You crack me up! Not Pinterest worthy huh? Sean sounds like my Husband, vintage=used. Ha!
As always, you look fabulous in these photos!
~xoxo, CoriLynn


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