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Summer dreaming…

Winter is interminable, isn’t it? It hasn’t even really been properly cold yet (not worn a pair of gloves at all so far) and it still seems like it’s gone on forever. It’s been a bit nippier in the last couple of days though. Brr.

As if to compound the grey misery of winter, I am currently knee-deep in tax return AND my faithful 3 year old MacBook has had a big hardware failure and can’t connect to the internet. I am writing this blog through the medium of phone tethering via bluetooth. Bloody miraculous it is… so futuristic!

Anyway, all this drizzle is making me long for summer, so I thought I’d post an outfit I just never got round to last year, that I wore in the blazing sunshine in Greece. Kind of makes sense…

Ta daaa! Summer!

As you may remember (or not), I went to a wedding of a friend and colleague in Greece at the tail end of last year. And very nice it was too.

Now, every wedding deserves a fabulous hat (not a rule I’ve ever stuck to up until now, do note) and, around a week before I jetted off, I went to Goodwood Revival and saw a hat I must have. It was on the head of the lovely Alex, aka the owner of Madam’s Vintage, a vintage eyewear emporium. It wasn’t vintage, which was lucky, but made by the talented Brit milliner Betsy Hatter!

I immediately emailed Betsy to see if I could order one to made in time for my departure, around 8 days later and I have to say, she pulled out all the stops and in a feat of amazing service got it to me in the very nick of time!

Isn’t it lovely? It’s the Elspeth straw hat, made with my choice of ribbon and flower (she also does nice felt ones) and at £70 for a completely handmade titfer, I think that is worth every penny (did I mention the astoundingly great service too?).

Anyway, the rest of the outfit is worthy of a mention too! Here’s a photo where you can see the sunshine as well (it was actually blooming boiling).

Hat: Betsy Hatter
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens from Office

I adore Trashy Diva and the lovely Miss Bamboo carries a great range of their frocks. My exact Trixie Sarong isn’t available any more but she has a super one in ‘Hawaiian Charm’ print. Swedish Hasbeens sandals that I bought from Office on the feet, assorted vintage bangles and a hairflower custom-made for me by Rosia Alia Designs to finish! Check our Rosie’s awesome turbans, by the way.

Bonus – a lovely pic of me and the man…

Just kidding! 

What are you most looking forward to wearing again next summer (or are enjoying wearing this summer in the southern hemisphere)?

Fleur xx



You look gorgeous!!!! I really miss summer… not really summer but mainly sun… fed up with rain, rain and rain! Fortunatly we are planing a californian trip early April…


I have been wearing lots of gloves, maybe it's colder in Wales? Probably.

A lovely little summer reverie. Back to my hot water bottle and bed socks now…

P x


So pretty! I am really looking forward to getting out my me-made sundresses and wearing them with my Mel sandals 🙂


You are ridiculously adorable!! Have that same Trashy Diva print in a different style, and it always makes me long for vacation!! I wore it in Venice– Wish I was there now! Lovely photos! 🙂
~xoxo, CoriLynn

Arietta MUA

I'm glad you enjoyed it here in Greece, I can't wait for spring to come and bring back our famous sunny days! You look so beautiful and your hat is adorable! :))


Oh, that's a pretty outfit. Thank you for bringing the sunshine.

Yet again, this year I am kidding myself that I will fit into some pretty summer dresses I've been hanging onto… I think I should get rid of them and buy some larger ones, really!

Crimson Gardenia

Wearing nothing has been great! Or a sopping wet t-shirt – both in the privacy of my own home, of course! Almost 2 weeks of temperatures above 40 degrees celsius (or 104 if you are farenheitically inclined) and even I'm inclined to say I wish it was a bit cooler… and it actually hurts to say that as I love summer.

Ivy Black

Gorgeous little hat and that dress, like yerself is a beaut. Nope…no chance to wear any cold weather shmutter. Just wellies. A bit of snow wouldn't go amiss to say it's winter, but I am very much looking forward to some hot, dry weather.xx

Rochelle New

I am definitely dreaming of some warmer weather lately too! It's been so far below freezing on the East Coast that even 0 degrees C sounds tropical! I love your dress and the perfectly paired hat.

Miss Bamboo

wow you look absolutely stunning Fleur. That hat is gorgeous and really dresses up the sarong for the occasion. You'll be glad to know we are getting new ranges of sarongs within our own Miss Bamboo label as well as from Trashy Diva for Spring/Summer '14 🙂 x


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