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Back to the Future (Cinema)

I’ve posted a few times about different Future Cinema events (side note: I think I’ve used the title pun before as well… oh well) but I haven’t been for a while, missing out on the Ghostbusters run they did at Halloween  (total bummer) but last Sunday, I was lucky enough to go once again! 
Read on for outfit deets! 
They’re currently doing Who Framed Roger Rabbit at the Troxy and this is the last weekend of the run, so I thought I better get my review out snappily in case anyone was thinking of going… 
If you have been to FC before (or even if you haven’t) you will know that an extraordinary amount of effort is put into the events. Being completely honest, I think they need to find a different venue than the Troxy, as while the details of each (and the film of course) are different each time, the identical venue makes them all seem slightly samey. They boyfriend, who hadn’t been before, didn’t have this feeling, obviously. Nonetheless, the whole shebang was awesome as ever.
You’re usually greeted by a neon sign for the venue. This time, since the Ink & Paint Club has a gorilla doorman, we were faced by this… a pretty snazzy piece of tech!

Onwards and inwards through a dark corridor and we were into the glamorous venue.

The acts that went on before the movie were all top-notch, as ever.

The Compére
The Diva
Teddy & Eddie
The former got bumped off immediately after, of course, by having a piano dropped on his head by a toon…
And of course, the headline star herself…
Jessica Rabbit! 
Some very clever dress design going on here…
The Toon characters were all in movie-perfect costumes but the designers obviously took the decision not to mess about with animal masks or ears, which I thought was a bit of a shame… but I completely understood. They were totally convincing even without. The weasels and Roger character (who obviously was an expert in clowning) all moved around too fast for me to get a decent shot with my decrepit camera… here’s the only one after they knocked him out and carried him off… 
I wore a kinda Toon-inspired outfit, comprising a PinupGirlClothing Matador skirt with illustration by the talented Micheline Pitt, and a Vivien of Holloway peasant top:
Bag (just seen in my right hand): Dungaree Dolly 
Shoes: Old old old, from Freed
I adore this skirt although its construction (it buttons at the front then wraps round and ties at the back like an apron) makes it super hard to tie tight enough on my own. I have to get Sean to do it for me! 
Also, I am not a petticoat wearer, and this skirt really does need one. It means it sadly doesn’t get shown off to its maximum advantage. 
Have you been to Future Cinema? And more importantly…
What shall I save up for from Pinup Girl Clothing next?? 😉

Fleur xx


beate grigutsch

a petticoat 😉
you look fab. all together – hair, makeup, top, skirt and shoes – is a totally winner in my book!!!
interesting skirt construction – 18.century style.

Jessica Cangiano

That looks like such a wonderfully fun evening out! The gal playing Jessica Rabbit really has the part (and look) down to a tee. Wowza! 🙂

I have been coveting the Venetian print version of that skirt for a few months now and truly hope it becomes the first Pinup Girl Clothing item to land in my closet one of these days.

♥ Jessica


Sounds like a really fun event!

As for the outfit, you look so lovely! I have the matador skirt as well and I too have to have help in tying it tight. I've never worn it with a petticoat, but I suppose I should give it a try.


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