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I’ve said it before and I will say it again – I have a problem with clogs. A cloglem, if you will. It was born when I was invited to attend the launch of Swedish Hasbeens first pop-up shop in London’s Brick Lane a few years ago. I chose a pair of nude sandals that I wore until they were too scuffed and worn to be decent.

Bottom right (but on the left)

This kick-started (get it… shoes… kick… ahaha) a problem in which I bought a couple of pairs and then had my burgeoning addiction fed with a couple of pairs of freebies from the wonderful ladies of Varg PR and Hasbeens.

Today, I was wearing a purchased pair, the only ones I have suitable for this horrible rainy weather we’re enduring. Though arguably, I shouldn’t be wearing them in the rain.

Hasbeens are most definitely not cheap, however I got these booty beauties from Spartoo, where they are still on offer.  I adore them.

Why am I posting about clogs now though, you may well ask? It’s not just to show off my Ice Baby boots, but to show you the newest Swedish Hasbeens SS ’14 range, which will seriously test my willpower. All of these are lovely but some just make my heart sing! Maybe you can guess which one(s)…

(Please note, this post is not sponsored by Hasbeens, but by my addiction to them).

Well actually, I’ll tell you – I adore the pastel Flora high wedges, the not yet released ‘Heart Medallion’ sandals, albeit I greatly prefer the classic heel over the curvy one (I have the crossover heart ones already in pink), and the nude/black Suzanne style (below the leggy shot)… but by far and away my favourite is the Fredrica, as seen both above and below. SO GOOD.

I think I will get a pair in nude to replace my worn to death original sandals… nude might be a bit ‘safe’ but it does go with absolutely everything.

Which is your favourite though?! And do you think they look 40s enough to wear with vintage or too 70s? I know plenty who think the latter *cough*Lisa*cough*!

Fleur xx

PS I recommend following Swedish Hasbeens on Facebook and/or Instagram for lots of amazingly beautiful and stylish clog-wearing pictures (not to mention finding out when the new styles are released).


Jessica Cangiano

Some people might swoon over Manolo blahniks, Louboutins, Giuseppe Zanottis and other such modern lux brands, and while I certainly like some of their offerings, Swedish Hasbeens are the pricey shoe that I've most been coveting for ages now. One day, I like to tell myself, one day! 🙂

♥ Jessica

Toks Aruoture

3rd time lucky- trying to post and I keep deleting my comment!

Just discovered your blog!!
You are so lucky to have a name that defines your style even…now to the subject of clogs and sandals, I LOVE your selection, the Hasbeens in kingfisher blue is my favourite, but thankfully I'm not too quick to show off my feet, that's my 'official' excuse. Not the price! Just been to their site and the T Strap sky high does it for me


All of the above! But especially the yellow and black! Never heard of these before, and now I want a pair!! I have shoe addiction issues… 😉
~xoxo, CoriLynn


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