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Schoolday chic

Hello from slightly more spring-like London!

I occasionally get offered things to review through my blog and I hardly accept anything these days (I have too much stuff, not enough space and no wish to be a greedy git). But when a very kind and helpful young man from The Leather Satchel Co. got in touch recently and asked me if I would be interested in a vintage-style satchel, hand-made by British craftsmen, I felt it was my duty to review one for you all, so you could be assured of their quality. So I did.

I have a soft spot for satchels, as I had one identical to the Leather Satchel Co’s classic bags when I was a tiny girl going to primary school. In fact, as the LSC have been going continuously since 1966 (with a lot of much newer companies springing up in recent years), it’s quite possible that it WAS one of their bags.

Faced with their huge array of sizes, colours, trims and optional bells and whistles, it was really hard to choose. The satchel I eventually opted for is the Classic 12.5″ model in London tan. I will confess that part of me wonders why I didn’t go for anything bright and colourful like cherry red, or one of the amazing pastel shades they do. But ultimately, I wanted something that will never date and go with absolutely anything. And it is perfect! 
I had it customised slightly. I asked for the front pocket to be removed, for a clean look, the straps to be turned into magnetic poppers (otherwise I knew the hassle of having to buckle and unbuckle them would mean I walked around with it open most of the time, I am terrible for that) and for extra vanity, to have my initials blind embossed on the front. Let’s hope I never get married! 
Here’s a closer look. The boyfriend’s heirloom travelling trunk makes a nice photoshoot location!
The quality of the leather is lovely. I had to wait a bit longer for it, because they had run out of the tan and since they apparently only source their leathers from Britain and the EU for ethical reasons, I was happy to wait for it to come back in. It’s quite thick but gives the impression that it will wear in beautifully. The 12.5″ is described on the website as being the perfect size for an iPad, while the 14″ fits a small laptop and they can make laptop bags bigger. Customisation options are endless – you can have handles put on, backpack straps, different colours all over, have it wider or narrower – even have the hardware in gold, I’ve just noticed. Dammit, should’ve had the gold hardware – I’m all about gold these days (even faux gold jewellery, although it does always end up wearing off into the cheap copper underneath).
They’re all hand-made and hand-stamped in their Liverpool factory. They run apprenticeships too – awesome news in today’s difficult economic times. 
I have to say, the process of working with Adam at the Leather Satchel Co. was a pleasure from start to finish. I had some problems with the couriers not delivering it or leaving a note and he was unbelievably helpful – sorting everything out for me. When I remarked on the great service he said they were proud of their old fashioned attitude to customer service and rightly so, I say! 
I am not lying when I tell you that since my satchel arrived, I have used nothing else for a handbag and I don’t think I ever will (don’t quote me on that, it’s not exactly an evening bag)! It’s the perfect size for fitting everything I need inside, it’s easy to carry and will last me a lifetime! 
Full outfit details! 
Dress: Heyday Fleur (a lovely limited edition from a couple of years ago)
Jacket: vintage
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens from last year
New favourite lipstick for spring!
 Revlon Kiss Me Coral with MAC Lasting Sensation lipliner
Thank you Leather Satchel Company for my brilliant bag and for being so lovely! They have very kindly given me a 10% discount code, so if you are tempted to get one for yourself, just use ‘vintagegirl’ at checkout.
Until next time… 

Fleur xx


Catherine Beck

Ooooh I absolutely love it. I would definitely go for a traditional colour too, it looks really classic and would go with everything. Definitely putting one of these on my with list of future buys. xxx


What a gorgeous bag! I love the classic than and think the silver hardware looks great 🙂 Good on you for the monogram, too. So chic!

Jessica Cangiano

I share your soft spot for satchels – the more classic/vintage looking the better and this gem certainly fits the bill there. I love how you styled it, too. Plaid + a novelty print skirt feels fabulously fresh and wonderfully yesteryear at the same time.

♥ Jessica


It sounds like a splendid company to deal with – so nice to hear of a firm doing things ethically, without sweatshop labour or materials from exploitative sources.

Being overweight and 40, I'd look ridiculous with a satchel, but yours looks really cute on you.

Alicia Foodycat

Mim, I am overweight and 40 and my satchel gets admired wherever I go. It's a Cambridge Satchel Company one, and even the hard-to-please 20-something male demographic thinks it is awesome.


Yep, I've seen ladies of all sizes and ages with them – I'm in my mid-30s now so I am planning to still have it when I'm 40 too! 🙂


It's a fabulous piece! I love the color you selected, it's sure to go with just about anything and of course looks great with your Hasbeens. I bought a forest green one a few years ago in a custom wider width so my camera can fit, and I adore it. Still looks as good as new. Come to think of it, I haven't taken it in a spin for several months, so now you've inspired to do so again. Sometimes I wish I'd stuck with the standard width for days I don't carry my camera (which is more often than not), so I'll have to take a gander at their colors again soon!

beate grigutsch

i had forgotten about satchels – had a black one in the 80´s.
but yours is fabulous. very nice color – you´r right – it will fit everything and last forever.
love your outfit, the green hue and the pattern mix! and i have to buy a new coral-y lippy for spring, thanks for remembering 🙂


I love their satchels – I bought one last year after previously using Cambridge Satchel Co, whose customer service left a lot to be desired. The Leather Satchel company were great and I am delighted with my satchel too.


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