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Every month, when I do my King’s Ginger posts, I have to search through the image archives on my blog to find the KGL logo. Since my blog has now been going for six years this May, there’s a lot of old pictures from way back that I have to scroll past. And, since my recent blog post with some old modelling photos of me was a popular one, I thought I might try out a blog version of Instagram’s Throwback Thursday trend. I mean it’s essentially a vanity project, but indulge me a little, eh!

Side note: I actually fancy doing a bit of modelling again, just to see if I still can. If anyone is a photographer or a keen amateur and wants to collaborate on some outdoors/location photos then give me a shout!

All these photos were taken with an amazing creative chap called Russell Lewis, who unfortunately stopped doing photography to concentrate on art. Hope you are well if you read this, Russell! I still have high res copies on a CD somewhere and they look amazing in full res (they have lot a lot of detail, thanks Blogger).

Floating puzzles should be a thing.

Fleur xx


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