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Windy Weather

Just a quick outfit post for you today!

I wanted to start incorporating some of my cotton summer dresses into my outfits after a long and boring winter, but I picked a particularly bad day to do it. I don’t really have enough slips or vests and today was cold, windy and, when we started taking these photos, drizzly to boot. I was cold. Still, I have been getting good use out of my trusty scarf/hood, and today was no exception. It’s excellent fringe protection in windy weather!

However, I haven’t given my recent haircut enough blog coverage yet so here I am without it too. Instead of going for the full Bettie bang effect, I have taken to combing it slightly to the side, Audrey Hepburn style. I promise it is meant to look like that, I’m not just pretending because the wind ruined it. 😉

In between every photo, the wind whipped my scarf over to the front.

I’m showing off my slip in all of these. 
Jacket : Heyday
Dress: vintage Swirl
Boots: old, horrible and ready for the bin
Bag: The Leather Satchel Co – full blog review very soon! 
We only spent about 3 minutes taking these pictures but just as we finished an ice-cream van drove past… it was way too cold for ice-cream but here’s a little outtake showing my reaction. Haha! 

Cannot WAIT until the day I can stop wearing tights (and eat ice-cream outside without hypothermia)!

Fleur xx



After studying these pics I know why I love your fringe this time: your hair is darker! Did you color it more black? It looks awsome!! xxx


Here, here I quite agree. In the Mid-West its still very snowy and cold out,I have been sporting fleeced lined leggings to ware under my skirts and dresses. Oh my! what a huge difference fleeced lined leggings make, every out fit is now ten times more warmer then with tights. Which has made the cold wintery weather much more enjoyable.


I found my pair at my local Walgreens not sure there are any Walgreen stores on your side of the pond. Here is a review someone worte about the leggings I've come to adore http://mimsysblog.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/walgreens-5-99-fleece-lined-leggings/

I also pair them half slips and cotton rib knit short pants http://www.shopnational.com/p/100-Cotton-Rib-Knit-Short-Pants over my leggings never under.
and vests http://www.shopnational.com/p/100-Cotton-Rib-Knit-Vest/~mbptproduct_detail_page?green=B2B32141-5A05-512D-96F5-368C0713CCDF for extra layers. I noticed when paired together like this it looks just like a vintage union suit.I am so warm without looking like I am waring a lot of clothing, too. Which allows me to ware all the skirts and dress I like. For socks I also like to ware knee highs in plain colors, fun prints, and strips are my favorite. My most worn knee highs I got are from the web site sock dreams http://www.sockdreams.com/products/socks/knee-highs/ and they say COOKIES on the sides 🙂

Jessica Cangiano

What a wonderfully lovely Swirl dress! One tends to picture them in their minds (or at least I do) in shades of blue, pink, yellow, purple, green and white in particular. It's a pleasant change of pace to see one rocking red and black like this.

♥ Jessica


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