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Bella Venezia – part 1

Greetings from Venice! Well, not actually from Venice, I came back two weeks ago. Feels like longer though – post-holiday blues is well in effect! Thought I’d show off some of my holiday snaps… not boring ones, hopefully… outfitty ones.

It wasn’t really that warm in Italy, where we were, about an hour outside Venice. It was warm enough for a pasty, sun-deprived Englishperson to go all out on the summer gear, while the native Italians were all bundled up in scarves, long sleeves and those puffa coats that seem to be all the rage over there. I certainly didn’t let it stop me from unleashing the skirts and gyspy tops all over the shop, at least in Venice proper. Behold one of said outfits!

Serious holiday face! 
Spot the Boyfriend! 
Journey over on the vaporetto



Here I am in beautiful Burano, one of Venice’s islands (the one where they make the lace… or used to. I didn’t see any lace-making happening. Sad face)

It’s absolutely beautiful there, with every house painted a different rainbow colour.

Leaning tower!

None of these photos are edited, since I have a new computer, currently without editing capabilities. It was really that colourful and the sky was really that blue.

Outfit details: I’m wearing a gypsy/peasant top from Vivien of Holloway
a vintage 40s skirt and some old gold sandals!

I’ll write more about the trip in my next instalment… At the risk of sounding like a hairdresser… going anywhere for your holidays?

Fleur xx


beate grigutsch

we are there in may!!!
i´m sewing like a mad the wardrobe for venice, swingy skirts and cute blouses and chinos for hubby……
more pics please!!!!!

Catherine Beck

Venice looks beautiful, I'd love to go there one day. You look lovely too, what a gorgeous skirt. I hate that post holiday feeling, hopefully you'll be able to go on another adventure soon. xxx


Wow, I'm so jealous! Venice looks so lovely. Your outfit is perfect, I love the peasant blouse with the printed skirt.

Clare Peartree

Wow, the weather looks absolutely glorious. Hope you had an amazing time. The last time I went to Venice, it was my 10th birthday and I was mortified at the state of their public conveniences (I was also very outspoken about, much to the embarrassment of my Grandmother). The outfit is simply beautiful, Vivien of Holloway does it again! Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for sharing! Clare x


I love all of these pictures!!! I've been longing for Venice something fierce, so these were especially appreciated!
You look fabulous!!
~xoxo, CoriLynn


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