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#tbt – to Fleurs gone by

It’s been a whopping FOUR years this month since I started collaborating with lovely Shona Heyday on our vintage reproduction wrap dresses that she kindly decided to name the Fleur dress. (This isn’t intended to be a salesy piece, but if you do want to check them out, go here) As an addict of vintage cotton wrap dresses, I was over the moon when Shona asked me if I wanted to partner with her to recreate one. The rest is history!

I posted the below picture on Instagram today and immediately wanted to do a little retrospective of the dresses we have released over the last four years, both proper runs, limited editions and one-offs… and there seem to be rather more than I actually thought!! I am so proud of Shona and of our little project. Here goes!

The first ever Fleur dress, from April or May 2010, beautiful roses on white!

The second ones – black with tiny white daisies and roses on black were released the following year, and the entire original Vintage Mafia wore them in France.

 The next batch in late summer had three fabric ways, navy with tiny sprigs of flowers, a two tone gingham stripe, another two-tone limited edition one with real vintage 1960s fabric on the bottom!

Shona kindly made me my first one-off dress that summer too – red oriental fans. Here we are together! 
We did two more super limited editions, one with vintage rayon covered in pink and turquoise roses on the skirt and an autumnal fruits one, which is a contender for my favourite, along with the fans! 
This was another one-off, from ages back… 
Conveniently around the time of the Royal Wedding, we did a patriotic blue, white and red one, which is in polycotton and BY FAR the easiest to iron. I think we should do more in poly, stuff the authenticity! 😉 
The Mafia commissioned some plain Fleurs in coloured cotton, which we had embroidered with our initials. Here’s the current lineup in ours.
For my 30th birthday, Shona made me up a very special one, with kittens and balls of wool on the skirt! This one doesn’t get worn nearly enough! 
Then at some point, we had the pink and blue gingham stripe editions!
I am not sure what came next, chronologically, but this lilac rose limited one was pretty special.
This light tan with floral sprigs is one of the latest fabrics and the most understated … 
While the green fan print is a bit more party-tastic and again, one of my all-time faves. 
Last but not least, the Christmas edition sold out like hot mince pies at the end of last year.
Phew! I think that’s all of them! If you do want to see the ones that are currently available, then check out Heyday.
We also now do the PinaFleur, but I’ll save that for another day. 
Which has been your favourite of them all? 

Fleur xx


Catherine Beck

I have the one with the aqua top half and striped bottom and I love it, reading this is making me want to get it out and put it on now. I think I'll have to get another one this year.
I absolutely love your one with the kitten skirt its adorable! xxx

Jessica Cangiano

Seriously charming post! I love this dress and own two (so far!) myself: a white (background) rose print, which was the first item I ever purchased from Heyday some three winters ago now, and the Christmas print, picked up right after the latest holiday season. Both fit like a dream and are important players in my wardrobe.

♥ Jessica


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