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Bella Venezia – Part 2

So continuing my holiday snaps, we actually spent most of the holiday in a town about an hour north of Venice, called Sacile. It’s where a lot of my boyfriend’s Italian family live. Italian relatives aren’t like English ones – when you tell them not to come over, they come anyway and shower you with food and friendly questions – I wasn’t complaining!

But there wasn’t anything worth documenting in Sacile, so my only holiday photos come from two trips to Venice. It was a joy just to wander the beautiful streets… even if the weather still wasn’t all that (as mentioned in my earlier post).

So hello again from Venezia!






We went to visit the amazing Doge’s Palace and did the ‘Secret Passages’ tour, which I highly, highly recommend. It’s hard to get on – we had to book days in advance! There were huge queues for it as well, but obviously online booking is for winners. Queuing is for losers. 
No photos allowed inside – boo.
Venice 2014
Venice 2014
Venice 2014
Pre-tour boyfriend
We just stood outside everything else, which was more than enough for me.
I hope I get to go back one day soon.
Venice 2014 Venice
Please excuse my mosquito bites… got mercilessly munched! 
Skirt: Nicole Katherine via Pinup Parade
Top: Topshop
Earrings: Outer Limitz
Bangles: all over (you can get bamboo ones at Outer Limitz too)
Shoes: Can’t remember!  

I need another holiday.

Fleur xx


beate grigutsch

no wonder the mosquitos bite you – you look so sweet and beautiful in your "italian" attire ๐Ÿ™‚
within a month we head to venice too – iยดm sooo excided!!!! thank you for your appetizing images!

Helen Le Caplain

What beautiful images of the city and you…. I can sympathise with you on the mozzy side of things, the little buggers always manage to leave me with legs looking like a nik nak – v attractive!

May Loh

Lovely photos my dear! You must have had a fun time in Venice….gorgeous city! Last time I was there several eons ago, Marco Polo square was flooded, beautiful nevertheless. Sorry the mossies got you, surprised they are out already…must have been really warm weather. Have a fabulous weekend!
May x
PS: I forgot to let you know that i did a review for Puttin on the Glitz on my blog!


Italy is very high up on my list of places to visit, and Venice is a lot of the reason why. It's just such a fascinating city to me; I feel like I've read about it in so many books that it's already familiar, and I would love to see if my idea of it matches the reality at all.
Beautiful snaps, and great outfit. That skirt is so perfect for the setting.
Jessica, cakesandcakesvintage.blogspot.com


Oooh, you lucky thing, you! I've always wanted to go to Venice, those buildings look gorgeous, and so do you, come to that.

I don't photograph well, so I'm rather envious of your photogeneity…I always look like a warthog!

Mo Ni

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there! What are y'all doing for Mother's Day? We went to church [ah, yes, I finished my live-in nanny job super early this morning at 12:40am. So I'm back home now.], gave our mom her Mother's Day gift [a new bike], and had lunch at home. Right now Gaby & our mom went for a bike ride and once they come back, me and Gaby will be heading out to go birthday shopping for our sister, Hanne-col [who will be 18 this week]. Not sure what I will be buying her yet,
fashion blogs


Love love love this post! You are helping me remain strong in my resolve to save money for an Italian vacation! But your fabulous clothes are also weakening my resolve! Ha!!
~xoxo, CoriLynn


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