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In-between Weather – an outfit post!

After a few days of lovely sunshine here in Blighty, it’s now cooled down to the point where it isn’t really warm enough to go bare legged (but I do anyway) or leave the house without a coat. Once I have got going with the cotton dresses it is impossible for me to go back and so, from now on, I’ll be sticking it out with the bare legs. Today was no exception, despite it being a fresh 19ΒΊC/66ΒΊF.

I did something really rather cool related to my blog today, but you will have to wait until next week to hear about it… but it did involve wearing a nice outfit, and styling such as used to be every day for me, but is now more for occasions where extra effort is required. It was a shame not to capture it myself so here it is!

Today’s dress: Heyday Fleur
Bag: Leather Satchel Co (I use it every single day)
Earrings: Bow & Crossbones

But as mentioned, it is not really all that warm. Cue my favourite new eBay score, a ‘vintage’ (absolutely zero idea how old it is… maybe 80s) cropped leather jacket!

I absolutely adore this jacket! I have been looking for one for years, never found something that both fit and was suitably cropped. This was a very lucky find and risk on eBay – luckily it paid off and it is perfect!

I have a long body, so it might not be as perfectly cropped on a shorter lady. Just right on lanky old me! 
Isn’t it good?? It’s lightly lined so it’s not too warm but keeps the cold away nicely. I shall never take it off (except when I wear other jackets… or no jacket… or in winter).
Bonus details are my awesome new shoes from Swedish Hasbeens to replace my knackered ones from last year… Fredricas are the perfect height and the natural goes with errrrrr’ythang.

And matching your nails with your Cambodian ruby (maybe) ring is the one.

Do you buy a new thing, love it and wear it every day despite having loads of other things languishing in the wardrobe? I hope it’s not just me… 

Fleur xx


Helen Le Caplain

What an amazing find – it's just the right length and will look fab with all kinds of pieces in your wardrobe. Kerching!

Yes I do exactly this, buy something and then wear it to death…. then eventually remember I have other things in my wardrobe :s

Jessica Cangiano

The rockers/biker tough chicness of the leather jacket tempered by the sweet, vintage-ness of the Fleur dress is nothing short of a show-stopping and very cool combination.

β™₯ Jessica

Kristel Klear

Lovely outfit. And your hair is stunning. And I want swedish hasbeens, too. I heard so many good things about them, how comfy they are and how sturdy.
Wearing something all the time? Check, I am totally guilty of this. Thinking about my favourite dark blue second hand dress and white 50's cardi right now… why am I NOT wearing 'em today??????


haha, it's always the way. I find it so hard to part with things I used to love and now don't wear too… I always think I'll wear it again one day… maybe…


I tend to buy a new thing and keep it in the wardrobe 'for best', then realise I'm wasting a good thing and dig it out about a year later!

Your jacket is a great fit on you.

mike rowger

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