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The (no) Tweed Run 2014

I might as well give up taking my camera to the Tweed Run as I barely took it out of my bag this year, being far too busy enjoying myself (just as I should be). Not that it matters because you are absolutely guaranteed to snapped dozens of times as we all make our way through the streets of London!

Saying that, not one single shot of me appears in either of the three official Tweed Run albums which you can find here, here and here (if you want to see some amazing shots of the entire day without my face plastered on it 😉 )

Callotype: Tweed Run 2014 &emdash;

I have been lucky enough to go on the Tweed Run every year (with the exception of one year I was running a race) and this was definitely the best as far as the weather goes. It was HOT. Too hot for tweed, possibly, but everyone soldiered on regardless. I chose to wear something much more appropriate for summer weather and exercise combined! A playsuit!

Looking like the beanpole I am with Lady Velo
Playsuit: Matalan
Cardi: handknit
Flower Crown: GG’s Pinup Couture
Photo by Velo’s lovely chap Ian James
This playsuit is a few years old. It’s not vintage, nor is it repro. It is from that very British of institutions (as British as Tweed, really)… Matalan

I had the best riding partners a gal could have. The Vintage Mafia always ride as a gang, but lovely Bethan was on holiday in Tennessee (so awful for her) and so she missed it. Luckily the Vintage News gals were also in attendance as well as some other babes, so we could form a new gang for the day.

Photo by Michal Zagula
I managed to get a couple of Instagrams – one with the above babes and the lovely Katie Holt as a bonus…  
And one of me looking super classy with my can of 1664 and Katie and Mai in the background during the picnic stop. 

Here’s a selection of photos I didn’t take! This year’s route took the Tweed Run from the start at Somerset House…

Down Pall Mall & St James…

Tyrrells man on a Tally Ho cycle
To the tea stop at Guildhall with Good & Proper Tea 
Round Borough Market
Over Westminster Bridge where we bumped into the London Cycling Campaign Big Ride
Visiting the Queen at Buckingham Palace
The picnic stop at Russell Square
Down Exmouth Market…
And then the finish at St James! With gorgeous Sally in her amazing home-made dress.
All these photos © Ben Broomfield found here.
Some more amazing ladies!
Callotype: Tweed Run 2014 &emdash;
Callotype: Tweed Run 2014 &emdash;
Callotype: Tweed Run 2014 &emdash;
Callotype: Tweed Run 2014 &emdash;
Callotype: Tweed Run 2014 &emdash;

For the first time ever, I wasn’t on a Pashley or vintage old lady bike. I was riding my lovely pink single speed from Pitango Bikes… which I carefully matched with my shoes! Thank goodness one solitary lady captured me on it after all that effort 😉

 Serious riding! Photo by lovely Chikage
As is always the way, I was tagged in a fair few candids that I didn’t know were being taken. Putting makeup on = a magnet for photographers! 

And posing for photos means other take your picture… albeit at different angles! In this shot with my pal Briggy, you can see my now healed backpiece by Tracy D!
Photo by Neil Archer
I’ll leave you with this love illustration of my Instagram picture by Bex Shaw of Bex’s Drawings

Oh and this elegant shot of me eating a carrot by Jeni.

Roll on next year!

Fleur xx


Molly M.

Lovely! All of you! Looks like so much fun. I hope I can come out one year and do the Tween Run. Love Jeni's scarf in her hair. It's a great color on her.


It looks like you had a fantastic time. I love your playsuit, although I'm curious about how it was for riding. Not to be offensive, but I worry that I would end up with the mother of all wedgies if I tried to do that.


It was fine, the shorts bit is quite loose! Speaking as someone with a long torso who can rarely buy playsuits, I am no stranger to the wedgie and if it had been a problem I wouldn't have worn it! 😀

Daffny AVintageNerd

Omg I think this is the best one that you have posted. Woweee the photos are just dreamy! The outfits, the tea, the tweed! One day I want to see it in person. Amazing! Thank you for sharing!!! xox A Vintage Nerd

Jessica Cangiano

Seriously fun!!! I think Tweed Runs are one of the coolest things to ever hit the vintage loving community. I wish (and would happily take it upon myself to organize one) that they'd make their way out to my wee corner of BC- I mean, heck, we're called British Columbia after all, shouldn't that automatically entitle us to one? 🙂

♥ Jessica


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