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Vintage Family Photos

I know I’ve posted a couple of these amazing photos before, back in the mists of time. But goodness only knows when that was! This is a sort of double Throwback Thursday post, then, as it features real old photos that have also been shared in the past… but they are too good not to repost, with lots of others added in for good measure.

I often worry that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren aren’t going to have these treasure troves of old photos to unearth as so much is online these days. I have taken the time to get a load of pictures from the last few years printed – it’s so cheap to do so… again, online! But it’s such a pleasure from time to time to look through from time to time and see my family’s past.

A small selection for your viewing pleasure! All these are of my mum’s family, as scanned in by my auntie. Thanks Auntie F!

My great-grandad Albert Hazeldean’s shop. I believe this was in Salisbury. He dies in 1940, so I think this must be mid-30s!

My granny Joan in the 30s!

My grandparents’ wedding in 1941

My gorgeous granny in the 40s – she was a hairdresser. 
Just after the war, when my grandad went to Buckingham Palace with his dad and my granny to collect his medal.

In the late 40s, with my toddler mum and my granny in an awesome swimsuit on the beach. Wish there were more shots of this suit!

My mum (tallest daughter) with her younger sisters and my grandparents in the 60s, at the Taj Mahal!

And finally for now, my grandad had a small chain of travel agencies in Surrey, which he opened in the 60s. Is there anything more typical of the era than these?! In the top one, my granny is reading the paper, while grandad ‘works’…

The Chertsey one was less jazzy than the Walton one… but the same could be said about the towns themselves! 😉

That’s it for this time… Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed these and it’s not like someone else’s boring holiday snaps! 😉 I’m off to order some more real photos so my grandchildren can enjoy them in 50 years’ time.

Fleur xx



These photos are wonderful, and thank you for sharing. That swimsuit of your granny's is rather scandalous!


Beautiful photographs!!! I love to see old pictures! Love the bathing suits and thanks to the coloring of the wedding photo we know the braidmaids were wearing light blue. Thanks for sharing!

Klara Keler

Oh wow, this is fascinating! I love to see the real life photos of the older times as opposed to the glamourized version we usually see in the movies (which is usually very cool, but I'm really drawn to the reality of the era). I made a similar post on my blog some time ago, maybe you'll be interested to look through my family photos from one 1950s day in the park 🙂 It's here: http://therobotthathad.blogspot.com/2013/07/what-they-wore-summers-of-early-1950s.html

Really interesting blog you have here, I have to read more of it :).

Jessica Cangiano

Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us, dear Fleur. As a vintage lover, (hobbyist) family genealogist, and scrapbooker – not too mention immensely nostalgic person and lifelong history buff – I too worry about that very same thing often. I've spent my life actively preserving the past in many different ways, but those efforts alone can only save/pass along so much.

Here's to the hope that our valiant efforts will help spur the next generation into seeing the immeasurable merit and importance of keeping the past alive through tangible items like real photographs.

♥ Jessica


So adorable, and the Travel Agency looks so a la Mad Men! Thank you for sharing! I wish I had more photographs and family history to learn about but my parents escaped from the Communism in Poland from the 70's-80's, and my Dad was born months after the end of WWII, dealing with the borders changing and adjusting to completely new government rule and adjusting to post-world war life. Has left him rather… secretive, and not willing to share his childhood or family stories.


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