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Waterlily love

Ever since I got into vintage clothing, Trashy Diva has been right up there as one of the best repro brands out there. Given that’s *cough* ten years this year… that’s a very long time! I have amassed quite a few of their dresses over the years and, without exception, they are all lovely – they truly never disappoint (though it must be said that some are on the shorter side for a lanky git like me). So when they got in touch recently and asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing something from their brand new Red Waterlilies collection, I of course jumped at the chance! I also opted for something a little different this time.

The Trixie Romper in Red Waterlilies is what I decided upon, and having had weeks of gloriously hot weather here in the UK, its arrival coincided perfectly with the abrupt end of said beautiful, playsuit-friendly weather. Instead I dodged some rain showers and serious wind to take these photos. Thanks, Hurricane Bertha.

Let me tell you about everything I love about this playsuit. The shorts are perfectly 1940s – very full and flattering. They keep you decent in the wind too, being shorts and not a skirt. I think the length is great, too – covers up the upper thighs without being too long… though it must be said again that I am quite tall!


The bodice is tucked and draped to be flattering and quite supportive! The straps are also adjustable with a button to fasten and three buttonhole heights, which is brilliant if you’re long-bodied like me. I often find playsuits to be too short in the torso – not that it was a risk with these in the end as the rise is authentically 40s and long. I have the straps on the middle button so there’s room for someone who’s even longer!

I like the shirring at the side which gives it a little leeway on size though I found it came up slightly large. It’s not sized the same as the dresses, which come in standard dress sizes, but in XS to XXL. I went for the M as my measurements of 37″ bust and 27″ waist would seem to need it but I definitely should have gone for a S – hence the belt! But I think it works perfectly with said belt.

Did I mention how much I love the fullness of the shorts? I headed off for a picnic after this… not really – I’m just pretend posing with a picnic hamper before I ran back home to put on a jumper.

Bamboo Earrings – Bow & Crossbones
Bamboo Bangles – Outerlimitz

Please come back summer – all is forgiven!

Thank you to Trashy Diva for giving me this opportunity… to catch a cold. 😉 Seriously though – only love for this fabulous brand!

Do you have any favourite TD pieces from now or days gone by?

Fleur xx



This is adorable!!! I haven't bought any of their clothing, but a piece like this could definitely be worth a try in the future!

Elisa Holt

Love this! And good to know it works on the tall ladies. I bought two of their dresses some time ago and both are too short waisted. I would wear the same size as well so I may just have to take a look!


Great shoes! My big question on rompers, being a chunky-thighed lass, is always whether the legs ride up on the inside, or is the fabric heavy enough to hang nicely?

Fleur McGerr

I do sometimes suffer from the ride-up though I can't say I walked around in this long enough to see if it happened… however the fabric is quite drapey, I would hazard a guess that it wouldn't be as much of a problem as with a lighter fabric.

Fleur McGerr

This one on the lowest strap setting was actually too *long* on the waist – unheard of for me! They also do the lovely two-piece top and skirt in the red waterlilies which I occasionally wish I had got instead (or maybe I should just buy it as well 😉

Mim McDonald

I bought one TD dress, my husband said it made me look like a Russian doll, and I didn't wear it. Now i'm too big for it and it hangs, unworn, in the wardrobe! I should probably find it a new home…

Jessica Cangiano

This, hands down, one of the loveliest repro playsuits/jumpers I've ever seen. I adore the vibrancy of the colours and pattern, which seem to sum up the spirit of the hottest days of the year so very well.

♥ Jessica

Miss Retro Chic

Gorgeous outfit as always! I love the Trixie collection from Trashy Diva. I own a polka dot swing dress in this style and it is one of my favorites ever. Thank you for the bamboo bracelets tip too <3


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