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Vintage beauty with Vaseline


Today I am talking vintage beauty. There are few beauty products out there that can claim to be as truly vintage as Vaseline. Except maybe lead and belladonna, and thankfully, we stopped using those on our skin a long time ago. I’ve been a genuine, lifelong user of the wonder-grease, from my very earliest days as a tiny child, when my mum would help me put a little slick on my chapped lips or dry cuticles. I’d have a pot by my bed even back then, and a pot has never left my side (or bag) since. For better or worse as I literally can’t go without it (unless wearing lipstick) – my lips demand it. But I don’t mind, it’s a little ritual that I would never want to be without.

It’s hard to do a heart when you have very long fingernails!

Vaseline’s been around since 1872, since a young chemist called Robert Chesebrough discovered that oil rig workers were using a jelly substance, a seemingly useless by-product of drilling, to heal their cuts and burns. He saw dollar signs, soon perfected a process for making it, and patented it (though it didn’t reach England until 1877). An inexpensive product, it was hugely successful and soon, every household in America had a jar of it, apparently. Used on babies’ bums, chapped skin and lips, mild burns and more, it even went to the North Pole in 1909 – the only medicinal product of its kind that wouldn’t freeze. Through the First World War and through to the present day, Vaseline has proper vintage credentials and it is a truly indispensable product for me.

The Cocoa Butter one goes so well with my beloved tan satchel!

I must have at least six pots of Vaseline Lip Therapy on the go at any one time, but when they offered to send me the newest, rebranded little tins, I couldn’t really refuse. They’ve gone temporarily vintage, you see – a special, limited edition vintage rebrand – though I personally feel they should look like this all the time. Why not?

When I edited these photos and saw how dry my fingers were, I immediately put some Vaseline on them! Seriously.

As I keep saying, I can’t do without Vaseline. I don’t wear lipstick every day, and when I don’t (probably 30-40% of the time, to be imprecise), I wear Vaseline. Sometimes, when I am feeling jazzy, I mix in a hint of colour to the Rosy Lip one, which has an almost imperceptible hint of pink to it. Cream blush is the perfect product to mix with it, to add a few extra shades of pink, and doesn’t ever seem to spread on me. I actually use my Besame cream blush more often in this way than on my actual cheeks!

I was privileged enough to get my lashes done recently, and not because of my blog! I’m writing an article for The Review – these are ‘3D Russian Lashes’ – I am not wearing a single scrap of eyemakeup! But anyway, look at my lips! It’s Lip Therapy Rosy Lips with a tiny touch of cream blush mixed in at the Cupid’s Bow and middle of my bottom lip.

The vintage-style packs are now in all good shops like Boots, Superdrug and so forth, at the princely sum of £2-ish each, if I hadn’t been kindly gifted them, I would have bought them all, because I am a hopeless collector. Thank you guys!

I Heart Vaseline!

Fleur xx


Cherry Darling

I sure hope we get these in Alaska, we often miss out up here. I would happily have one in each purse and in my makeup drawer. Thank you for sharing. Love your blog, and holy moly, your eyelashes are amazing.

She Knits in Pearls


Your lashes look fabulous! But I have to admit, I hate Vaseline with a passion, although I will admit that those vintage tins are gorgeous.


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