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Bonus Boomstick Outfit Post!

Good afternoon.

As is so often the way when I do photos for big articles like my last King’s Ginger one, I take a few extra photos for a super lazy outfit post. Because I *still* haven’t processed my holiday snaps, here is something of a holding post, featuring the outfit I wore to Purdey for the aforementioned article!

I think this was the last warm day in London, the rain lashing my window as I type would seem to indicate that cotton dresses are a thing of the past now. This super-cute vintage Swirl dress is probably the tiniest bit small for me, but has cute folkloric people and things on it, so how could I not?

The best purchases are ones you make with friends, who give you great deals on things they want to see loved. These Miss L Fire shoes (from a few seasons back) come under that category – they were bought from my lovely pal Hayley and are pretty special.

That’s basically it, sorry for the quick and dirty post! A few people asked about my hair in the last post – Hot Sticks, always the Hot Sticks! I haven’t changed the way I do my hair since I made this video OVER FIVE YEARS AGO?! Blimey, time flies. Except in this post, I have obviously done a middle parting rather than a side one… method is exactly the same, though!

Fleur xx


Sara John

Its basically all about trendy accessories and that is what women bother the most which is a good thing because fashion should be the one that is in trends.

Beautiful Fashion

G.M. Norton

What a ravishing dress! Folkloric is now a word I'll attempt to slip in over the course of the day. And I have some fairly dull meetings so this should liven them up no end.

Belle Femme

Beautiful dress! This is my first time on this blog but im sure I'll visit you again soon.

Maja Ćorić

The dress flatters you, dear.
..and, if I may notice: your hair has grown. 🙂



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