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Subculture Clash

Clash… get it? 😉

I hardly ever model any more, through choice rather than because I never get asked. Sometimes I feel a little long in the tooth, which I know is rubbish, but also because I quite often get weirdly self-conscious if anyone sees me posing in public. That said, it is fun, on occasion, to stand in the middle of a busy street and annoy everyone who has to walk around you/your photographer. This is an example of that.

From Instagram

I took some pretty traditional photos for Heyday for the release of the ‘Lilac Heaven’ Fleur dress a couple of months ago, but I also took some much less usual ones, just for fun. My boyfriend works in Kensington and suggested we take some shots in front of the Joe Strummer mural that’s just off Portobello Road and actually, I really liked them. The only problem is my slightly boring hand-on-hip poses, so sorry about those… but it’s quite hard to shake off ‘vintage mode’ completely when it’s been your main MO for the best part of a decade.

As soon as we stopped snapping, a tourist starting doing the same – I’m pretty sure that happens every minute of the day. While I’m not actually a huge fan of punk music, it is part of my history growing up with friends so heavily into punk and mtal and I do end up at a lot of punk gigs with my boyfriend these days… so I didn’t feel like a total phoney posing in front of it. It’s fun to mix your favourite subcultures!

Fleur xx


Amy Mortensen

Love the dress! The juxtaposition of styles is stunning and the hairstyle reminds me of Frida Khalo.

Helen Barrell

I'm sure Joe wouldn't mind a bit of vintage, especially with his quiff – The Clash covered "Brand New Cadillac", of course, and apparently he used to go to r'n'r weekenders at Camber Sands! Maybe you've even stayed at his old chalet at Rhythm Riot? 😉

Jessica Cangiano

Such an awesome juxtaposition of eras and colours. I know what you mean about feeling oddly self-conscious if you're posing in the midst of a crowded area. I've gotten a bit better on that front as time has rolled on, but I doubt I'll ever stop being a bit antsy when taking snaps with throngs of folks milling about.

♥ Jessica


That dress is beautiful. Love the bangles as well, the bamboo is perfect here.
It's so strange to me to take photos in public. I've only just gotten up the nerve to start taking them in alleys and semi-public spaces, although I feel like it would be easier if I wasn't just me and my tripod.


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