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Small business love – Hengelo, Haslemere

Do you ever go and try on things that are completely not your style, just for fun? I did a few weeks go (OK a month ago now), when I was visiting my lovely parents where they live in Haslemere. My mum loves clothes and had told me about a new(ish) shop in the town called Hengelo, from which she had bought lots of bits.  She also told them that I had a blog and they asked if I would write about them… well, I like to try and highlight small brands and businesses, especially with Christmas coming up, so thought I’d go and dress up in some things and take some photos in there and do just that. I’ve linked to the products I snapped in case you want to treat yourself or do some festive present buying!

Here’s what I got up to!

(there was a car parked right outside, ruining it)
Haslemere’s a lovely old town, and Hengelo has set up in one of the lovely historic buildings. Seems fitting, that they also sell some ace retro accessories.
I actually bought Rosie Alia little purse from the Catseye range for her birthday! 
They also do a lot of Tatty Devine goodies, including the coveted Vintage Lady brooch!
The Cocktail Umbrella necklace is pretty cool as well! 
Seasonally-appropriate Holly necklace!

When I went in, they had their Halloween decorations up… which I loved. Dotted in between were some Christmas bits!

Like I said, I tried on some things, just for fun. This 1960s inspired tartan dress looked absolutely terrible on me… conveniently it was also very dark in there so none of the full-length shots came out! 😉
This little Dalmatian necklace is by British company And Mary – a quirky little brand they carry quite a few things from!
Love the Kitty! Not something I would wear myself but I know those who would!
These purses are also by And Mary, and I loved the bee one so much they actually gave me one as a gift, which was totally not necessary but very much appreciated! My old purse is in the bin. It seems to be sold out online but they do have the swallows and sausage dog, which is nearly as good… 
I tried on one outfit I would definitely wear – I have a black skater dress very similar to this Nafille one, and I have been known to dabble in faux fur – this one is super soft. It’s terribly in fashion too, don’t you know? 
Excuse the straight hair for what was meant to be a super casual day and not a blog-outfit-posing day!
Thanks to Hengelo for letting me run riot in your lovely shop, for giving me something slightly different to write about and for my lovely purse. Shop in small businesses, everyone!

Fleur xx



It looks lovely (your story and pictures make it look a lot more attractive than their own website, I must say. It's clear they worked hard on it but it's a bit shouty and those models are scary. But maybe I'm just not the target audience).
However, I have to ask: Any idea where the name comes from? Hengelo is a town here in the Netherlands, it has to look like a nonsense word in English and the things here or on the website show don't show an obvious link. Maybe the owner lived in Hengelo at some point?


What a cute shop, thank you for showing it (though I can't imagine getting anywhere near it soon, living on the continent). A shame the tartan dress didn't fit, it looks like a very beautiful one.
But I love your last outfit with the fake fur jacket. Was close to buy an old fur jacket in a charity shop, but they were all too large and with such a boxy cut too large meant I was drowning in them.
And thank you so much for your King's Ginger-Posts. I was lucky to find a bottle here in Switzerland and can't wait to try all the cocktail recipes you posted.
love, ette (www.parvasedapta.ch)

Jessica Cangiano

How wonderful that your mom's style jives (in some ways?) with your own and that she was already shopping there. My mom has always been a good dresser, but she isn't into vintage or vintage-y styles in the slightest (much as I wish she was). This looks like a really charming shop and the kind that most any vintage gal would long for in her own town.

♥ Jessica


oh excellent gracious! these are beautiful! thank you for all this details. i think i'm going to preserve up for one of these charming designs. i'm basically ogling. shirt tails


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