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This was meant to be a post for The King’s Ginger, but  I have managed to somehow lock myself out of my Flickr account until later today, and if you’re a regular reader you will know that those posts are very picture heavy. So I have made myself a free Photobucket account in order to do another quick ‘n’ dirty outfit post!

This is what I wore during the day on Halloween. A nod to seasonal spookiness, but without going all out!

My spiderweb Jenny Skirt from PinupGirlClothing is apparently from the ‘Vintage Goth Pinup’ Capsule Collection, and suitably gothy indeed. I do wear it all-year round but it’s particularly suited to this time of year! I’m wearing it with a Vivien of Holloway peasant top and my trusty leather jacket. You can’t see my shoes above, but they’re Minnetonka Thunderbird II moccasins, purchased from somewhere online in a sale!  Here’s a shot from instagram.
My black velvet turban is a really cheapo one I got from eBay, jazzed up with an autumn cluster-clip from the lovely Rosie Alia Designs. As you can see from this photo, it was unseasonably warm on Friday. 

The dagger fakelite brooch came from Beyond Retro!

As to what I wore on actual Halloween night and the following one, this Instagram will have to serve as the only proof since I didn’t pose for any proper photos. Mainly because I didn’t put in any proper effort.

Mainly I just want to point out my Luxulite brooch and my ReVamp Meteor purse, which cost me a lot of money a frighteningly long time ago (maybe 8 years) and which I hardly ever use. So I have used it loads lately!
Hope you had a much better costumed Halloween than me, guys? 

Fleur xx


Jessica Cangiano

Very fun, festive looks! I don't own many of PUG's awesome offerings (yet?), but I've splurged and paid the sky high shipping, important costs and exchange rate on a couple so far, one of which is the dress version of this very print. Being a vintage wearer who is also a massive lover of Halloween (it's my favourite holiday and second favourite day of the year, topped only by my wedding anniversary), there was no way I could pass it up.

♥ Jessica


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