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Turkey Part 1 – the Bodrum bit

Well, it’s only been nearly two months since I came back, but I thought I’d do some posts about my summer holiday… now that the sun is completely gone. It might work to remind me about when it was hot and my lovely summer clothes weren’t vacuum-packed into cotton bricks!

I had the most amazing two weeks in Turkey in September. Neither I nor the boyfriend had been before, and he’s been to far more places than me, so that was a bonus! We planned to visit three different areas of Turkey – Istanbul, Bodrum and Cappadocia, with different things planned for each. Bodrum was the relaxation part of the holiday and, therefore, the place where I did very little.

I didn’t even bring my big camera out with me when we did leave our sun loungers, so forgive the iPhone snaps for this segment!

We went to three different bits of the Bodrum peninsular over the space of the five days we were there, all on tiny little minibuses. Gümüşlük was by far the most beautiful, tranquil bit. We spent a day and evening sitting on the gorgeous beaches and I walked out to the ancient ruins of Myndos, which you can do at low tide. Sadly, you aren’t allowed on the island itself, but you can clearly see the foundations of ruined buildings in the sea. Amazing!
We had a lovely, if slightly overpriced seafood dinner on the beach and watched the sun go down. Bliss.
Bodrum itself is very built up and quite touristy. We went around Bodrum Castle and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology but I have to admit, after 4 days in Istanbul (which I’ll cover next), we were thoroughly bored of bits of pottery, broken columns and tiles. Even if they have been underwater. Here’s a lovely view from the top of the castle (lots of views in this post)!
Where we stayed was unfortunately, a big mistake and entirely my fault. I picked something that looked decent and cheap, within 15 minutes walk of Bodrum centre. Unbeknownst to me (probably should have checked), it was in a whole other town, Gümbet, which had precisely 3 sentences about it in the Lonely Planet guide to Turkey.

Since it’s just 5km from Bodrum, party-palace Gümbet got debased faster than other peninsula villages. Now more or less a British colony, Gümbet is an outpost of neon, cheap cocktails, energy drinks and table-dancing. In winter, the place is derelict.

This was what greeted us on the bus from the airport.
Oh dear. Luckily, apart from the pumping techno we could hear (and block out with earphones), the hotel was perfectly pleasant! The weather was glorious. And there were some good views to be had from the hills on the walk from Gümbet into Bodrum.

Lots of no makeup and swimsuits which I wasn’t really up for posing in, so the only fashion shot you’ll get this time is the above shot of me posing in a lovely vintage inspired playsuit which I’ve had so long that it actually looks vintage (plus accidental feature of Rocket Originals bag), and my amazing Lucky Lou souvenir shoes which arrived the day before I went away and were worn nearly every day on this segment of my trip. ♥ This is the third pair of Lucky Lous I have owned as the design of the Souvenir changed a few times over the last 6 years or so and I’ve sold all my previous ones… these are by far the best with their padded sole. Wish I’d had more chance to wear them over the summer… next year!

I’ll post another segment – Istanbul and its amazing sights – next time! 

Fleur xx



What shoes are you wearing in the second to last pic? They're darling! Are they comfortable to do a lot of walking in?

Jessica Cangiano

Beautiful holiday images! You know, I'm rather fond of iPhone/smart phone travels snaps. They, to a degree at least, really indicate that one was living in the moment and more focused on the holiday than trying to make each shot look like it was intended for National Geographic (which isn't to say that they're lackluster photos, not at all, just that they were often captured spontaneously, quickly and with a desire to quickly document the moment and then get on with the rest of the exciting day).

♥ Jessica


I used to live in Cairo/Giza, and I've been the places mentioned! I can't imagine what it was like to go those places back then, and as a royal, too! It would have been simply amazing!


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