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Typical a-Typical

Hooray, huzzah, hoorah! The access to my Flickr account has been restored! While I get on with editing and uploading photos for my very overdue King’s Ginger blog, here are some I didn’t take earlier.

The very gorgeous Miss Turnstiles, aka Simone of the perfect hair and amazing wardrobe, has been busy in the last few months. Not only has she launched her own website and brand Atypical Girl, but she has also opened a shop in Camden Stables Market. I don’t know how she does it, but I am in awe!

So Atypical Girl is a curated collection of vintage inspired clothing, genuine vintage and accessories, all with a fashionable edge. It’s for those of us (for we are many) who love vintage style to its bones, but sometimes want to put a twist on it. This is me every day, now. Never again shall I think to myself, ‘I wish I could wear X, but it just doesn’t go with my 40s look!’… Stuff that! Wear what you love, what you think is awesome, and don’t sweat it – that’s my new motto. So I can get behind the entire concept of Atypical Girl! Plus it helps that Simone always look A+ mega amazing, so you know you’re getting the handpicked selections of someone with impeccable taste.

I have had a little advert for the site over there on the right for a while, to help the site get a few extra clicks, but now she’s had a fabulous launch party, I also have some good snaps to share as well. It was one of the most stylish parties I have been to in a while… or maybe ever! Here’s just a handful, taken by © Tigz Rice Studios 2014.

Simone & KeeKee from Laurel & Hector, stocked on ATG

Gorgeous Miss Amy May (who I follow on IG but met at the party) & her sister
Myers Dancers
The DJs
No idea what this face is…
Lots of the London girl gang! Why did I go home before this shot?!
You can see alllll the photos (and ‘like’ the page) over on the Atypical Girl FB – I think you should go there right now! 😉

Fleur xx


Jessica Cangiano

I am hat doffingly, completely proud of Simone. She's really off to a fabulous start here and I wish her the utmost of success with this great new vintage venture.

♥ Jessica

Maja Ćorić

This party looks like a complete success, darling Fleur!
I hope amazing Simone moves on and becomes great in her new venture.


Quaintrelle Georgiana

Looks like a great party! You all look fabulous. Some of the hairstyles are beautiful.

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