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Socks and sandals (and kittens)

As any regular readers will know, I love Swedish Hasbeens a lot. I have many pairs and practically live in them in the summer. I also have a pair of winter boots I snagged at a too-good-to-resist sale price a couple of years ago, but, apart from those, my clog collection doesn’t get worn in the winter at all.

Until now?

I was sent a pair of incredibly warm wooly socks by fellow Swedish brand Gudrun Sjödén to pair with sandals and I think I might be a convert! These are significantly jazzier socks than I’m used to wearing, but who doesn’t like jazzy?

The shoes are the Swedish Hasbeens Lacy Sandals, which would otherwise have been in the cupboard until summer.

Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens Lacy Sandal in Bordeaux
Top: Freddies of Pinewood saddle tee
Cardi: Handknit
It looks kinda 70s, but that’s right for the clog era! What do you reckon, can I pull it off?

PS. Bonus kitten pic as I’m working with this little one today!

Fleur xx


Cherry Darling

Although it's a pairing that I don't feel I would wear (way too much snow on the ground) it's so cute on you and puts a huge grin on my face. And if I wasn't already smiling, you end with an adorable little kitty, thank you for the warm fuzzies.

She Knits in Pearls


I love this! I've been wearing colourful socks with unenclosed shoes more and more lately, though I would've shuddered at the thought years ago … I think as long as the socks are jazzy then it can look really striking and fun.


Love this look! I'm currently wearing battered 70's ankle boots with wide leg trousers and a 40's cardigan. I like it!

Maja Ćorić

Fleur.. hello there!
Not only do I like your outfit, but I also quite much adore your companion. 🙂


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