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A Quiet Patch

A punny title as ever, for a simple outfit post. Haven’t done one of these for a while! Basically, this outfit represents the kind of thing I will probably be wearing most days during the spring (at least when it warms up).

The outfit consists of the following. A signature Heyday Fleur dress, which was done in a custom fan print fabric for me a quite surprising number of years ago (maybe 4 years?), a pair of Miss L Fire Bolero wedges and a denim jacket scored from Beyond Retro which I’ve started to customise with patches.

Welcome to my new obsession – patches!

I have always been into heavy metal but have never owned a ‘battle jacket’ before. But I recently discovered all these awesome, small businesses making printed and embroidered patches and have now started to collect a variety of them, from both bands and brands.

On my jacket you can (just about) see a patch from British promo Progress Wrestling, an anti-fascist themed patch that actually says ACAB – All Cats Are Beautiful with cats instead of flags, two fab patches from Hallow Society and a black variant patch from Bad Cats Club, which is run by a cat-loving lady who sells things to make money for a brain tumour charity. So a cool *and* philanthropic purchase. I also have the Predator-themed patch above from Futurezine in the US, which I am yet to sew on (it makes your fingers really sore, FYI). I have a couple more on the way as well as a Pantera back patch to sew on. m/

Oh yes, and my Born a Bad Seed badge (I have two of their tshirts)! Check out my fresh nail job and all.
So that’s my new clothing theme for the season – vintage (/repro) dress and my ongoing jacket project (or my leather jacket, as pictured here many times before). I really enjoy the contrast between girly vintage and my previous life as a boys’ jeans-wearing metaller! I leave you with an outtake and a promise to post more again soon…

Fleur xx

PS. In these pics I am wearing a really small hair extension piece that I bought recently – a strip of hair the same length as my own that just adds a fraction more fullness to my thin mane. Will write more about it soon as I really love it and would recommend it to anyone with limp locks like mine!



Love the jacket I recently got a patch for a leather jacket, seems us metal heads never lose are edge aha, hair looks gorgeous.

Cherry Darling

I cannot tell you how much I love the mix of retro/vintage with 80-90's rocker/punk vibe!!! My wardrobe is a constant battle between vintage/retro and biker/rocker chic. And it gets worse in the summer when I'm forced to choose between all my lovely skirts and dresses or long pants/leather jackets and a helmet to ruin my hair. I've found that some of my most favorite outfits find a way to blend the two together. Although I haven't figured out how to wear a dress while on the back of a motorcycle safely yet. This mix looks fabulous on you.
She Knits in Pearls

Jessica Cangiano

Really, really cool outfit! I'm struck by just how gorgeous that classic shade of denim looks with lipstick red all in a vintage context. Swoon! I'm going to be busting out my tried and true jean jacket and red dress this summer now for sure. Thank you for the marvelous style inspiration!

♥ Jessica


LOVE the shoes, and the general pairing of edgy with vintage girlie! Dig your nails, too!

Bethany Grace

You always look amazing but this really takes the biscuit, Look at you! That jacket looks like such a great staple piece, I have one hanging about in my wardrobe that I might have to customise now!
Hope you're having a great easter week,
Bethany x


sandra gilbert

It is amazing how the feel of an outfit can be changed by just one garment, without the denim jacket this would be you looking lovely and retro, add the denim jacket and you time travel forward. xx

Vintage Alley Blog

This outfit is so rad! Not to mention your hair and nails. I'm a huge fan of hair extensions myself and yours looks quite natural 🙂

Inese Tenisons

Hi Fleur

You look great – but I am particularly interested in hearing about more about your hair extension. After years of avoiding them, I've started to embrace the idea – why not have thicker fuller hair or more variety – if you haven't got it, then you can buy it .. is my new mantra. Would love to see how you use your extension to create unique looks.

Regards Inese (aka The Hipsterette http://www.thehipsterette.com.au)


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