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Shop my wardrobe – East London Vintage Fair

Good morning (or other time of day where you are)!

In many, many years of collecting and wearing vintage and repro clothing, I have never really got rid of any of it. The things I bought that didn’t fit, weren’t really my style or that I simply tired of, have still stayed in my wardrobe as I haven’t been able to face eBaying them (I have a phobia of post office queues). But I’m going to hopefully see off a large amount of these cast-offs, very soon.

In just under two weeks on the 10th May, I’m going to be selling off a huge amount said vintage and repro clothing (at silly low prices) at the East London Vintage Fair!

I’m really excited about this new event. I met with the lovely ladies who are organising it, and they are super passionate about making it a success. Putting on sales (as I have done in the distant past) is tough as a sale is only as good as the amount of people attending. They’re pulling out all the stops on promoting it and of course I am doing my bit to tell the world about my own stall there.

I’m not a vintage dealer. I’m not trying to make profits on any of the things I am selling – some of which are things I got for free through this blog! I mainly want to clear some much-needed space in my tiny home and use whatever money I make to buy a few nicer pieces of vintage. Investment pieces, if you will.

Here are a few things I’ll be selling, from the modelling archives! This is all repro with the exception of the red, white & blue Swirl dress – reason being I have no photos of the vintage I’m selling, as it has mostly not been worn (by me) due to not fitting or looking rubbish, etc. The Swirl has been poorly shortened – not by me, I might add!








I’ll have stuff from brands like Stop Staring, Bettie Page, Vivien of Holloway, Heyday, Rocket Originals, Revamp Clothing, Trashy Diva, What Katie Did and more. Check back in a week or so as I delve into my enormous storage bags to find out what vintage lurks inside, as I have actually forgotten most of what’s in there!

Someone asked on Facebook whether I was selling my vintage because I don’t want to wear it any more. The answer is HELL NO, I’m not really selling any of my beloved cotton summer 40s/50s dresses or Swirls. I have bought a fair few 70s dresses lately and do tend to wear band tshirts and jeans more these days than I did for a good chunk of time, but the truth is I just have SO many pieces I don’t wear. Trying to simplify my life and the wardrobe is a good place to start.

So if you’re within striking distance of East London and can come on the 10th, come and see all the amazing stalls that the ELVF ladies have in store. Oh, and I am not planning on pricing anything above about £40 with most dresses probably around £20, so come and grab a bargain.

Fleur xx


Kate Livingston

Such beautiful items!

Sadly, I'm quite far from London and a little large to fit into them 🙁 I can't stop looking at the swimsuit though!

Hope the sale goes well and that your items find some lovely new homes!

Now you just have to resist the temptation to fill the wardrobe back up… 😉

Kate xx

Jessica Cangiano

If I lived anywhere in the UK, I'd be making a beeline for your stall (alas, I'm an ocean away). I hope that you have terrific luck with the sale and are able to make some much needed room in your closet (I can relate there, my closet is about as big as a matchbox).

♥ Jessica

Kenneth McElroy

I don't know who you are or exactly what this is but this I do know. I have been fascinated by all the photos, you look absolutely ravishing in some of your outfits.


Hi,fleur de guerre . I know you will put your cast-off for sale.I don't know if you have any nylon stockings you ever weared. If you would like,I will pay you for them.


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