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7 Years Young, my Tweed (Run) Anniversary

This morning I realised that my blog has turned 7 years old (well, on the 8th May). HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY TO ME! I have also had just under 5 million page impressions during that time (or at least since Blogger started recording them), so quite the milestone, I’m sure you all agree.

The traditional gift for 7 years of marriage is, apparently, wool. Or copper. But I am going with a wool theme for this post because I would like to share pictures from the most recent Tweed Run! See how I managed to seamlessly link the two like I had already planned this? Oh, yeah.

None of these photos were taken by me, but luckily my Vintage Mafia ladies attracted a lot of photographers!  I wasn’t able to bring my lovely Pashley up from its holiday at my parents’ house, and my pink single speed bike doesn’t have a basket. So it’s hard to carry cameras, or even packed lunches and extra layers. I also didn’t actually wear tweed to the Tweed Run – I never have! But I did wear wool. Specifically, my favourite Mexican souvenir jacket, paired with a sheer vintage 1970s dress with crochet trim and a glorious flower crown from Rosadior!

Here are some photos of the day, in which I definitely came last in the hair stakes. Must practice updos.

Photo by Scott Wishart, who always snaps a good one of us! 

Photo by Hanson Leatherby
Photo by Hanson Leatherby
Favourite photo! Unknown but © the Irish Independent 
With the lovely Harry of Harry & Edna on the Wireless

And my other favourite, by Hanson. Hummus Chips, if you read this, call us! 

As always, it was the most wonderful day! There were some changes to the organisation so that the ride was a little more spread out but weather was pretty good, the company was stellar and we can’t wait for next year.

Outfit details – Vintage 1970s sheer dress with crochet trim: Etsy
Mexican Souvenir Jacket: Etsy
Flower crown: Rosadior
‘Roy Bans’ Sunglasses: Market stall in Turkey 
Bangles: Vintage/Bow & Crossbones (bamboo)/Pink Bungaloo (fakelite)

Fleur xx



I know this is from ages ago but im glad you posted it. im getting therapy for social anxiety so this was helpful
so thanks

Teresa Stokes

The London Tweed Run would not be the same without the Vintage Mafia! I have shared this to the Facebook page called the "Tweed Ride Report" which collects tales of Tweed Runs and Tweed Rides all over the world.


That is an amazing milestone, congratulations! And 5 million views… I think my eyes just about popped out of my head.
You ladies look absolutely divine! Apparently this year my area is doing a "seersucker ride," probably because it's in July and we would all die of heat stroke in tweed.

Jessica Cangiano

Massive congratulations, dear Fleur!!! My own blog just turned six years old last month as I was penning my own blogging anniversary post, I reflected back on the blogs that deeply inspired me to launch my own. I will always count yours amongst those that did and truly want to thank you for the many ways you've inspired, motivated, and educated myself and countless others the world over for seven years now.

Here's to an amazing next year of blogging for you and all those that lay beyond it!

♥ Jessica


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emma lee

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I love your blog <3 I've been a follower for quite some time and your posts are always fab!
All the best
Emma Lee


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