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The Seven Years of Blogging Christmas

When you’ve been blogging as long as me (8 years next year), you’ve accumulated a lot of photos of Christmases past. In the interests of nostalgia and laziness, I thought I’d take you back in time to my many and varied (and not-so-varied) vintage Christmas outfits of the past! In a vaguely chronological order…

Back in 2008, I loved swing dancing. I wore this two-piece candy-cane striped set to a Christmas swing dance, complete with holly in my hair! Can’t remember the brand, but I do know it is long gone.

The following year, I wore a repro velvet dress from Able Grable, another defunct repro brand.

This vintage inspired coat came from the high street… Oasis I think. A staple of winter for years & years!

Vintage 40s suit jacket, an ASOS jumpsuit & King’s Ginger for the first year!

A Rocket Originals jumper, which was not, in fact a Christmas jumper… but it did a damn good impression in 2011!

2012 with some King’s Ginger again, back in the velvet and a fur coat. Plus Miss L Fire shoes. 
I also did a shoot with Jeni Yesterday at the Imperial War Museum… I think it was the same year, but who knows?

A festive green jumpsuit from H&M & a Freddies of Pinewood cardi that mysteriously disappeared some time ago…
With me bro… who’s now a DAD!?

One Boxing day, when I dressed down. 😉

2013 was the first year of the Heyday Christmas Fleur! Obviously wore this 40s style wrap dress on Xmas day.

And last year – the Holly Berry Fleur dress – there are still some of these available! Though you’ve missed last post now… still.

Not sure what I’m wearing for Christmas this year – I haven’t bought anything new that’s fancy enough for ages. Not that there’s anything better than the two Heyday Fleurs above… What are you wearing?

Fleur xx

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