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Snapshots of Berlin

After an insanely busy six weeks, last Monday I ran away to Berlin for a couple of days. One of the nice things about being a freelance copywriter and social media type, is that with a bit of preparation, I can theoretically do my job from anywhere in the world. So, off I flew!

My lovely man had gone to Hamburg the previous weekend to watch St Pauli play (I had to work, which was a convenient excuse to get out of watching football) and came to meet me in Berlin on Monday night. We stayed in the awesome Michelberger Hotel, a place that’s 50% boutique hotel and 50% budget hotel, and 100% hipster, but in a cool way. The way East London was about five years ago, before it became too knowing about its own hipsterness! It’s in Friedrichshain, in what was previously East Berlin, which was then the poorest part and is now arguably the most fun and creative part. We especially loved neighbouring Kreutzberg with its independent shops, bars, restaurants and venues.

What I present here are some snapshots of my trip, more for personal record than anything else. That disclaimer comes because I have a brand-new camera (a Canon 70D) which I haven’t quite got to grips with yet, so these photos are really just holiday snaps and not beautifully-composed blog photos. And because sometimes it’s better to capture moments with an iPhone than it is to grapple with a DSLR beast!

The most delicious German breakfast, at Tante Emma

Taking photos of himself taking photos of street art, including ROA.


The haunting memorial to Hitler’s Nazi book burning, sunk into the Bebelplatz


Being a currywurst seller at the hilarious Currywurst Museum


Two of many.


Checkpoint Charlie


A huge MacDonalds behind the historic American checkpoint in the Berlin Wall


The Brandenburg Gate


View of the Brandenburg Gate from the top of the Fernsehturm or TV Tower – such a masterpiece of 1960s retro-futurism. Also amazing to see the clear difference between what was previously East and West Berlin, the Soviet influence as clear as day in the former’s architecture.


And from the ground


The excellent Ramones Museum


From when Reading Festival was cool


And the only snap of me! I lived in my Pinup Girl Clothing Doris Pants, which I bought from Deadly is the Female. They rule. As do my customised cropped denim and hand-knitted pixie hood scarf! Warm AND stylish.

I’d love to go back to Berlin for longer than two days, and especially over a weekend, when there are shows, fleamarkets and other fun things. If anyone has any recommendations for a trip later this year, please give me a shout!

Fleur xx

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