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Jumping for Joy

Well hello there! Just dipping my toe back into the world of blogging for two purposes. Firstly, to try out this awesome new layout with all its fancy new bells & whistles (steep learning curve after 9 years on Blogger, I can tell you). And secondly as it’s been so damn long, I do actually have a glut of great photos to post and stories to tell! Please have a click around this new site if you have a moment, and tell me your thoughts…

Back in July, after missing the 2016 edition for a dear friend’s wedding, I made my return to the Chap Olympiad. If you’ve been anything like a regular reader over the years, you’ll know this a staple of my summer social calendar, and not just because I usually have a role helping out in some way! It’s also a chance to catch up with people I sometimes only see there, and with those whom I do see more regularly, but not nearly often enough!

What it also represents, of course, is an opportunity to wear a nice outfit (and in this case, a hat!) and be photographed by some talented types. The above photo was taken by one Laszlo Thoth, and the lead image by the Olympiad’s official photographer, Mr Hanson Leatherby.

This year was a bit different, as in May, I started working for Bourne & Hollingsworth, who you may remember from such parties as Blitz, Prohibition and, of course, the Chap Olympiad (a co-production with the Chap and B&H).

I manage the social media for pretty much the entire portfolio of bars, restaurants and events, though the Chap (being a separate entity) manage their own, so I was only manning the Instagram Stories side of it all. Do check out my work managing B&H over on Instagram if you’re so inclined…

Nonetheless, along with the VERY important judging duties I undertake annually with my darling friends Jeni & Bethan, it was a day of deep responsibility and absolutely no mucking about whatsoever. Nope!

My outfit details:

Jumpsuit – ASOS (black version… which I also have!)
Hat – from France
Belt – vintage
Shoes (which you can’t see) – Lucky Lou

A vintage year for the Chap Olympiad (not as vintage as 2012, when the Other Olympics was in town, of course), and a year where my outfit looks a different colour in every photo… but you can mainly blame that on my Instagram filter. See you next time!

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