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Straight to the TopVintage

Well, if I’m going to get back into blogging on this brand new platform of mine, then blog I must. Luckily, I went to an amazing event last weekend, so telling people about it is a pleasure, rather than a chore. And I got to wear an excellent new dress so everyone’s a winner!

It’s the second year in a row that I’ve been to the London Fortean Society’s all day symposium The Haunted Landscape. It’s basically a day of lectures from all sorts of interesting people on British folklore, ghosts, witchcraft, legends, magic and so forth. At this point, let me just add that I do not claim to be a witch, or a Wiccan, or even necessarily believe in ghosts or anything. But unexplained phenomena has fascinated me from a very young age. I had books about Greek myths & legends, an Usborne Mysteries of the Unknown book, another one I pored over that I think was my Grandad’s about everything from UFOs to telekinesis. I bought the first ever issue of Bizarre magazine as it had something in it about spontaneous human consumption.

Nowadays I also like mystery (& true crime) podcasts, I have a soft spot for crystals (even if I don’t believe they actually do anything) and still like to read up about unexplained mysteries, so the Fortean London talks are a dream for me… and the all-day one is, well, an all-day dream.

We learned about the legends of the Black Dog, which have persisted for hundreds of years, the ‘walking dead’ or reanimated corpses, World War One visions of angels or apparitions on the battlefield, why large geographical landmarks are often called ‘the Devil’s *something*, and even why ghosts came to be portrayed as a white sheet (it’s a Victorian thing). Plus more. Whether you’re a fascinated sceptic or a complete believer, it’s still an interesting day out, and my friend Bethan & I discussed how it’s so much easier to stay awake in interesting lectures than it was when we were bored uni students.

I also got to wear an excellent new dress, which was a gift from TopVintage. It’s the Olivia dress by Vixen, which is supposed to be 1930s style, but is easy to make more 1970s with the right hair and accessories! It’s got long sleeves, so it’s practical, plus it has a generous length, though at 5’10”, it could still do with another inch or two… but that’s just me being fussy (& tall)! A really lovely, warm dress for the winter… even if my other half said I looked like a granny’s curtain. 🙄

Dress: courtesy of TopVintage
Jacket: Forever 21 when in Boston a couple of years ago
Boots: eBay
Glasses: fancy new ones from Kylie Minogue (via Specsavers)

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