Hi! My name is Fleur and I like words. You may have gathered that by the name of my site.

I’ve always been into writing, from taking A-Levels and a degree in English, to starting out on the career ladder as a copywriter from a fashion catalogue (remember those?). I’ve also been social networking since the days of Friendster and Myspace (remember th…. never mind). A fair few years later, I’m a self-employed copywriter, social media/community manager and digital content creator. I came from a traditional marketing background which naturally evolved into digital and I now have well over a decade of professional experience producing effective copy for print and digital media.

My passion is for writing engaging copy, whether in 140 characters or 1,000+ words.


I also dabble in PR and events management, and I have written my award-winning (Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2010, still counts) lifestyle blog since 2008. Blogging has taken me around the world and enabled me to work with big brands like Vaseline, Barbour, HBO, eHarmony and more. Need blogger outreach? I’m good at that too, as I’ve been on both sides.

Basically, please do check out my Services page and if you think I can help you with your small project or big campaign (or vice versa), get in touch.



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  • Favourite #conceptalbum, anyone? This is mine: witches, cosmic cataclysms, lady starship captains, space pirates, a mysterious orb. What more do you need?
  • #Shelfie update. 🌱🔮🌵💖🌿 #botanicalpickmeup
  • Bauhaus coffee pot x basquiat.
  • #hanklestein
  • #fbf to two years ago when I went to Salem with @nomoremrsniceguy. Two years! Time flies like Samantha on a broom 🔮
  • I'm glad I came here, though it was a bleak, deeply sombre & upsetting experience. The collection of shoes was strangely one of the most moving for me. They could only bring one suitcase of possessions, but women saved space for their very best shoes. It's what I would have done too. 
The sheer scale of the horror that happened here makes it quite hard to comprehend, I spent a lot of time thinking about how it should have been impossible. One MILLION Jews were murdered here. How could it reach those numbers without someone, anyone stopping them? This is the reason that I go on anti-fascist marches, one tiny voice added to the multitude. 
We live in strange times where the exact same seeds of discord are being sown by those who should be able to learn from history. I hope we aren't doomed to repeat it, as the saying goes. But looking at what's happened in Germany's elections this very week, we can't rest easy, ever. #nopasaran
  • At work on a Saturday. But not for work! 🙌 🥂🍳 #bottomlessbrunch @bourneandhollingsworth
  • Just to prove he doesn't have a fat neck in real life. #hanklestein #orientalshorthair #siameseandorientalcats #catsofinstagram
  • Chasing waterfalls en France. #fbf #exploremore #basquecountry
  • Work werkin' it today.