Copywriting is no longer plain old words. My skills and experience include (but are not limited to) these main areas. Most of my clients go for a combination of a few elements.


I’ve been writing since I could put crayon to paper. Since then I’ve scribbled and tapped my way through millions of words – articles, blogs, tweets, marketing content, ads, sales emails, press releases and even award-winning poetry (OK, I was 8).

I’ve successfully persuaded people to buy clothes, go to events and to try all sorts of food and drink. I love researching and writing up informative, inspiring articles for websites and blogs. Let’s talk about what you might need writing.

Social Media

Whether you simply need some well-crafted words and pictures for your social media accounts, your community fully managed or something in between, I can help. All my social media packages are bespoke and depend entirely on your needs. We can kick it all off with a workshop to nail your brand’s tone of voice, or I can dive right in and get cracking for as long as you need help.

If you want to get technical, I can also work on your long-term strategy, create processes and content calendars for you, plus deliver in-depth reports (I do love a good stat).

Digital Marketing

If you want the full marketing works, I can help you create a profitable digital marketing strategy. I will show you how to attract and retain customers who are genuinely interested in your offerings, build an email list and create and send engaging newsletters. I can help you connect with influencers – bloggers and Instagrammers who are best-placed to promote your brand. My many years of experience as a blogger myself has stood me in very good stead here

I can also set-up and manage social advertising, getting your brand in front of the right audience at the lowest price.


I’m not a professional photographer, but after many years taking photographs for my blog, my social media and my clients, I’m pretty handy with my Canon DSLR. I’ve got experience snapping food and drink, events, street-style portraits and… my cat.

I can take high quality, well-styled photos for your social media or PR campaign, all tweaked to perfection in Photoshop. I can even wifi them straight from camera to my phone, for live event coverage on social media. Futuristic!


Need a bespoke event management service? I can help you with idea development and planning, right through to event delivery. I’ve worked on everything from club nights to restaurant tastings, created an enchanted forest in a pub for a Halloween party and a garden for the Ideal Home show, and I’ve put on an event for 500 at the British Library.

Plus, of course, I can do social media campaign and marketing to promote it all. Let’s do an event!

You + Me

Above all else, I love a good challenge and working with new people. I also know lots of other skilled creatives! If you have a project of any kind that you’d like to chat to me about, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The thing about 21st century copywriting and social media is that it’s not something you can pre-package or do by rote.

Everything I do is tailored exclusively to each client, to coin an overused phrase, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Tell me what you want to achieve and what your budget is, I’m happy to work with you to fulfil the former and stay within the latter.

Ready To Chat?

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  • One leg posing (no idea) around #highgatecemetery with @kirbeelawler last week. Photo by lovely Kirbee! #imasailorpeg
  • So I've officially peaked for this month now that I've managed to make Snapchat recognise the cat. I might as well put my feet up for the rest of July. 💁🏻 Here we are with our matching flower crowns. And don't follow me on Snapchat because I have no idea how to use it properly. #wandameowsey #snapchat #snapcat
  • This is how @terryfunkhouser has to make tea of a morning. She jumps up there & won't let him put her down. He's late for work pretty much every day.  #wandameowsey #orientalshorthair
  • You go to the church, you kiss the cross 
You will be saved at any cost 
You have your own reality
#jesussaves #godsownjunkyard #walthamstow #london #mylondon #iconography
  • Spot the @kirbeelawler. International instafriends rule! Happy trails back to Sydney girl! #godsownjunkyard
  • Frizzy hair don't care (when doing an awesome cemetery tour with @kirbeelawler) 💀💖 love being a tourist in my own city.
  • #Wrestling + #Pride weekend = @thejacksexsmith. 💪👉👌🌈
  • Sunday night. Or today? Thanks for the memories. #uglycrying #sabbath #sorryeurope
  • I rarely get political on social media as all my discussions are done IRL. But this photo from #Hellfest sums up how I mostly feel at the moment - 🖕to Brexiters, politicians, my post festival washing pile, Brexiters, the weather, racists, my to do list, Brexiters. I have this constant slightly sick feeling in my stomach about tomorrow but, on the bright side, it'll all be over soon and this uncertainty and constant sniping will stop. Go out and do your civic duty and exercise your democratic rights tomorrow, UK. And on a lighter side note, it does look like I'm squatting to do a wee... luckily, unlike #Glastonbury, those clever Hellfest Frenchies poured several tonnes of woodchips on all the mud, so it was highly absorbent but hard on the arsecheeks. 👍 #remain
  • #Werkin at the @cocktailsinthec #CITCSUMMER launch party & drinking the most beautiful & crazy-tasting milk punch cocktail by @jamiesfifteen 👌🍸🍹 #cocktailporn