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Giveaway delay

Hi all,

Just a quick note. The draw has now closed, but the drawing itself will be delayed another day or so. I found my beloved kitty Fezzik dead yesterday. He didn’t come in for his breakfast and I knew something was up. I didn’t find him until the afternoon, underneath a bush, opposite my house. I think he was hit by a car in the night. I think it was quick as he looked peaceful, thank the angels. But my heart is broken.

Many of you out there (particularly those in the US) will be cat-owners who believe you should keep cats indoors for their own safety. Well, I am not one of those, despite having proved you right. Fezzik loved being outdoors, in all weathers, rain, snow, sun. He loved to catch frogs and bring them to me as presents (alive!). He loved to roll in the dust and the cut grass, scratch the yukka in the garden, run about chasing leaves. I hardly saw him in the summer as he loved being out so much! I would never have taken that away from him for a moment, and neither will I do so for Inigo, his surviving brother. Whatever your feelings, please, please don’t think badly of me.

An early death was a risk I took by letting my cats go out, and although short (he just turned 4) he had a wonderful life full of happiness. He was so loved. I thought this was such a safe place as it’s a quiet road with a dead end, so people don’t come here fast. Maybe it was a delivery van or someone coming home late and tired. They either didn’t stop, or didn’t know. I hope the latter. Losing Fez to a car was a remote chance, but it was still a chance. But then again, I know of people who ran their own cats over, on their own driveways. I’m just glad I found him, so I could know. I am off now to bury him at my parents’ house, so he will be forever resting in a beautiful garden, surrounded by wildlife (and frogs!), and I can visit him in years to come when I have no doubt moved on.

Please give all your furry children a big kiss and cuddle tonight.

Fezzik on the right

Rest in peace, Fez. I will miss your crazy curly tail, your ridiculously loud purr, your dribbling when you were so happy, your licking me with the tongue you use to lick your bum, thanks for that. I will miss rubbing your furry belly and the way you sat on my chest and patted my face when you wanted to wake me up. I will miss your 10-tonne weight on my lap. I’m sorry for all the times I shoved you off my lap because I was trying to work/eat/get up, and all the times I told you off for bringing in a frog. You were such good company, you were my furry best friend. Inigo and I will miss you terribly.

All my love,

Fleur xx